BoyFriend W Academy UCC Translation

I posted the UCC videos in an earlier post.



Hi I’m Youngmin of Boyfiend

Wanna be a charismatic member but people say it’s impossible 

My characteristic? humn I can only think of “Twins”

Let’s film my brother shall we?

oops he’s asleep right now with his sunglasses on~ later everyone~



Hello I’m Minwoo hehehe let me start over. Hello I’m Miwoo

Seems like our fans are passing by the door. I tried to say hi but they’ve gone already. Jeoungmin hurries me up….what do I do now?


Really nice melody came up to my mind while playing the piano

Let me hear a story of 6 boys~Let me show you real us~ 

what shall I call this song?It was Jeoungmin of Boyfriend~


Hello~to be honest I’m not a big fan of video camera.

I’m not used to it either.

but hopefully I overcome with this opportunity so enjoy watching.

I heard many ppl still don’t recognize me as a Boyfriend’s memeber.

so please do remember me as well.


Hi I’m Boyfriend’s rapper Kwangmin

My hobby is reading! I like writing too(what else?)

I like playing game and I cook too. I like to do many things

What do you wanna know about me?

Then check out this reality show ok? How do I end this?


I’m Donghyun!

You don’t know me?

Then please watch TV!If it’s not enough I give you this! My rap!

source: Mnet via youtube


Source: boyfriendworld


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