120112 Boyfriend W Academy Teaser English Subbed

Source: syfqh93 on Youtube

Here’s another translation:

Jeongmin: We risked our lives filming this. Please risk your lives filming us too.


Hyunseong: To be honest..


Donghyun: When we watched the broadcast..


Jeongmin: Acting nicely, acting cute.


Minwoo: Packaged* too much.. (P/S: Maybe he meant that they were acting fakely)


Hyunseong: Through this reality show..

Youngmin: I should change myself.


Jeongmin: Don’t want it to be broadcasted while I’m acting fakely.


[Boyfriend’s W Academy January 13th 6PM]


Kwangmin: Even though there will be unhappiness, I’ll still do them all.


[Korean-Chinese] translation by MINi.]

[Chinese-English] translation by boyfriend-champion.]



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