Boyfriend’s W Academy

Known as the ‘boyfriend-dol’, the idol group Boyfriend will take a main role on exclusively on a reality program.

On the upcoming 13th, through cable TV Mnet will be the first broadcast of “Boyfriend’s W Academy” after titled being one of the K-Pop Hallyu Wave showing different sides of them while learning and taking courses.

Following Girls’ Generation, 2PM, Big Bang, 2NE1 etc who has become Korea’s idol representative to the rest of the globe, Mnet has come to organized a first reality program this year.

In various overseas sites including MCountdown’s fan poll this boyfriend-dol has become the #1 most anticipated idol which shows the growth of interest in Boyfriend. In addition, this has given out the result that Boyfriend will be a global star.

Mnet representative said, “Through this program, the activity and activeness of K-Pop can be seen. Please look forward as Boyfriend transforms from boys to men.“

On the following 13th as Boyfriend will reveal their house, learning foreign language as well as fitness tests will be aired.

Source : TV Report.
Translation credits : weloveboyfriend | wordpress.


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