120110 Kwangmin’s Twitter Update + Boyfriend Facebook Update

These pictures were also shared on Boyfriends’ Facebook.

Original Post:

“Cho twins give us a special sneak peek of their upcoming pictorial for Allure Fashion Magazine. Their slightly disheveled look makes them more adorable! Do you think Cho twins lead the trends?! :) If you like them, click on “Like” and leave your comments.”

Original Post:

“A sneak peek of Allure Fashion Magazine Pictorial. If you like KwangMin’s new style, click on “Like” and leave your comments!”

Kwangmin also tweeted and shared those two pictures

Original Tweet: [B.F:광민] 차세대 패션왕을 노리는 새로운 헤어스타일!!! 어떤가요!?ㅋㅋ http://twitpic.com/85mu7qhttp://twitpic.com/85mv2d

Translation: [B.F:Kwangmin] The hairstyle of the next generation’s king of fashion!!! How is it!?ㅋㅋhttp://twitpic.com/85mu7q http://twitpic.com/85mv2d


[translated by: imzee via weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com]


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