Boyfriend’s ideal type of girl

Question: Your ideal type of girl?
Jeongmin: I’d prefer a girl who I can get along well with.. A cool type of girl. So a natural girl who is like my best friend is my ideal type.
Kwangmin: I’d prefer a girl who is a bit blank.
Q: 4D personality?
Kwangmin: Yes. Because I’ve been told that I’m blank, I feel that a girl who is similar to me would be suitable.
Hyunseong: That’ll suit you very well.
Minwoo: I agree.
Minwoo: I prefer gentle and cute girls. Kawaii?
Youngmin: I prefer girls who do aegyo.
Donghyun: Because I’m a person who is careful with his actions, I prefer lively girls who smile a lot.
Hyunseong: A girl who has a nice personality, who can get along with and understand me is my ideal type.


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