120102 Boyfriend Daum Cafe Jeongmin’s Birthday Video

[BOYFRIEND CAFE]120102 – 940102 Jeongmin’s Birthday


English Translation:

The story will start now
May 26, 2011; Rookie idols “Boyfriend” debut
The never-ending articles and interest
And the fans cheers
Amidst all that
You and your prominent eyes
Boyfriend’s Lee Jeongmin
The prettiest smile compared to anyone else
The one who treats us specially
And for that, we are beyond grateful
But what if you were a normal 19 year old boy?
You would dress in your school uniform and walk to school,
And sometimes get punished by your teacher.
When playing games with your friends, seems like you’d be the playful quirky one.
You’d end the day eating dukbokki in front of school right?
But these were things you did long before you debuted and
You and we met
We thank you sincerely.
Even though we don’t say it, you still know that right?
January 2, 1994; Since that date
It’s been 6574 days since you’ve been born
And 221 days since we’ve met
And although it’s been a bit of a short amount of time we’ve been together
You and us. Boy Friend and Best Friend
Our many memories are piling up together
In the future just like this, let’s have even more memories pile up “together”
Each one of us will always support you
So because of that, believe in us.
Even in a picture of Lee Jeongmin,
Even Lee Jeongmin not in uniform,
Even in singer Lee Jeongmin,
We will support him.
Thank you for being born;
To us you are a present: A blessing
Jeongmin-ah, Happy Birthday


(video re-uploader: vipailinYT)

[trans by jaein @boyfriend-translations]

(Source: boyfriendworld)


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