Boyfriend wants to spend their Christmas with . . .

Donghyun said: 

Hyunseong said: 

Jeongmin said:

Youngmin Said:

Kwangmin said:

Minwoo said:

Source: Shimshim Tapa,


28 thoughts on “Boyfriend wants to spend their Christmas with . . .

  1. Did Boyfriend said that at the Radio Show? :D
    Haha, Donghyun you liike Rihanna, huh? xD

    OMG! Hyunseong, do you really like Yoona so much? :D

      • Yup, that’s the meaning behind my nickname ;)
        BF = Bestfriend and PRIM = Primadonna
        I’m a 100% Bestfriend and PRIM <3
        But unfortunately someone else has chosen this name, too …

        I want to clear this: I don't want to pick up a fight or something

      • yea I saw that. At first I thought that person was you. They probably did it on purpose but I wonder why >.>
        I’m an ELF ^^ And other things such as Best friend of course :) and Primadonna too ~
        FT Island came to Toronto in September and that’s only an hour away from where I live but I couldn’t go see them T.T

      • But why would they want to do it on purpose? :O
        Well, maybe I should have picked a more unique nickname? O_O

        Yeah, I heard of FT Island going to Canada … It’s such a pity you couldn’t go T_T I hope you can go next time ^^
        Will you go to B2ST-Concert? (Are you a Beauty?) They are coming to Germany, too ^o^

      • I don’t know ‘-‘ I think you picked a nice name ~
        yeah my mom wouldn’t let me go :'( but my brother’s friend was a security guard at the concert and he was at their tent. If I asked I could have gotten an autograph T.T
        yup, I heard about that so are you going? :D Do you like B2ST? I’m going hopefully!! ^^ I used to like B2ST more and now I still like them but not as much. I guess you could say I’m a Beauty.

      • Thank you ~
        You could have had an autograph!? That’s quite a pity! :'(

        I think I’m not a true Beauty, but I still really wanna go ^o^ But I need more information about the concert, so I can persuade my parents … I would go with my best friend then :D
        I hope you can see them performing, too *-*

      • yea :(
        Oh, going with your best friend sounds fun ^^ I would go with my sister. I hope you can also go! I like Lee Kikwang :) I used to like Yoseob.
        Thanks :) I need more information too but I already started asking my parents. I think I can go :D
        I want to see U-kiss too since they’re also supposed to come to Canada this year ‘-‘

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