111223 Donghyun’s Cafe Message

[From. 동현♡] Ddoongddoongddoongddoongddoongdoong Candy !

Everyone worked hard, coming even when it was cold today ㅎㅎㅎ Our performance was fun to watch wasn’t it ㅎㅎㅎ

Your cheers were the best. Thank you Bestfriends, I love you so much!!!!

Tomorrow, Boyfriend’s appearing on Music Core’s end of the year special *clap*

A lot of you should come, ok? since tomorrow, there will be Pink Romance too ^^

We’re also going to have our own stage, and of course of course of course of course of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will be I’ll Be There + Don’t Touch My Girl !!!

It’s been some time since you’ve seen Don’t Touch My Girl so everyone will come right???? Is that right???

See you tomorrow everyone, thank you thank you !!!!!!!!

Bestfriends are the best ! The food you gave us today for support has been eaten deliciously !!!

Run run with Boyfriend till the year ends !!!!

Source: facebook.com/BoyFriend2011



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