111216 Boyfriend Dairy Episode 4

Here is a translation but you can also just wait for the video with English subs.


-Near SNSD’s Waiting Room-

Jeongmin: What did I say? Jajaja~ I got the autograph! Please cheer for me!


Jeongmin: I got the autograph! Thank you!


Jeongmin: I got it! Hyung! I got the autograph! “Donghyun Oppa” is written there.

Donghyun: Who signed this?

Jeongmin: It’s Yoona sunbaenim’s signature.

Donghyun: You printed this from the internet, right?

Jeongmin: No, no, no! It’s real. And the designs over here are done by Taeyeon sunbaenim.

Donghyun: I’m still suspicious.

Jeongmin: No! I really got it signed.

Donghyun: The words over here aren’t the same. I don’t believe this.

Jeongmin: I don’t believe this.

Donghyun: Did you film it?

Jeongmin: Yes, of course. I filmed it at the waiting room.

Donghyun: No, I mean the part while they were signing.

Jeongmin:  Aigoo, you can’t film while they’re signing it.

Donghyun: (To the other members) Do you think this could be from the internet?

Jeongmin: Ah, really, this is real.

Donghyun: I will keep this well.

Jeongmin: Thank you, so the mission is successful!

Donghyun: You did well, you did well. (Hugs Jeongmin)

Jeongmin: So my mission is successful.

Donghyun: Yes, it’s successful.


-While filming the MV for Pink Romance-

Jeongmin: Kwangmin is very tired. Kwangmin became troubled.

Jeongmin: Today, today is tiring.

Jeongmin: Ah, it’s cold! It’s so cold!

Kwangmin: Wearing the Pikachu costume..

Minwoo: Giving a heart while performing live..

Jeongmin: First, he should wear the Pikachu costume to the beauty salon.

Minwoo: How about Kwangmin as Ash Ketchum and Donghyun as Pikachu?

Kwangmin: Am I supposed to receive the punishment as well? No, I don’t want to be punished.

Jeongmin: Listen. Donghyun hyung will wear the Pikachu costume and go to the beauty salon. Then you will order him around there.

Hyunseong: Order him around, like “Go, Pikachu!”. You’ll just have to say “Go, Pikachu!”


-A few days later at M broadcast station-

Minwoo: This is..? Broadcast station. The reason why I’m holding Donghyun hyung’s camera is..

(Shows the sleeping figures of everyone who practised overnight)

Minwoo: Everyone collapsed. (Films Jeongmin) Hyung, why is your cheek pink? You look like you’ve put on makeup.

“Sleeping” Jeongmin: Ah, I put on makeup already.

(Films Donghyun)

Minwoo: Donghyun hyung who sleeps till he doesn’t know what’s going on around him.


-A few hours later-

Minwoo: Wearing that clothing on stage.

Kwangmin: Then you’ll have to exclude me.

Minwoo: Why? It’ll be funny.

Kwangmin: No, it’ll be bad.

Jeongmin: So there’s no punishment now?

Kwangmin: Wearing the Pikachu costume and go out now?

Minwoo: Is my suggestion not good?

(Donghyun refuses to look at the members’ in the eye)

Youngmin (who’s holding the camera): Donghyun hyung, should I switch the camera off for you?


Jeongmin: We have a cow costume at our dorm.

Kwangmin: How about giving out milk while wearing the cow costume?

Minwoo: Giving out milk~

Donghyun: I won’t do it.

(Youngmin films himself)
Jeongmin: Say something!

Youngmin: Will Donghyun hyung succeed?

Hyunseong: If he fails, then there’ll be five. One from each member.

Donghyun: To be honest, I am speechless at Hyunseong. I have to be mad at Hyunseong.

Donghyun: I’ll do it well.


-The day when Hyunseong rode the bicycle-

Youngmin: Hyunseong hyung is riding the bicycle today.

Jeongmin: The one who’s left behind.


Minwoo: Ah, are you shopping?

Jeongmin: Hello~

Minwoo: Hello~

Jeongmin: Ah, the weather is nice~

Minwoo: It’s nice~


-In front of a convenience store nearby R beauty salon-

Minwoo: What is this.. Hello!

Donghyun: Today, I’m not Boyfriend’s leader. I’m a cow.

Donghyun: Do you see the cow buying milk? Because I have the fats of a cow.


Donghyun: Stop laughing already.. If the cow feels ashamed, it won’t produce good quality milk.

Donghyun: Ah, the cow is ashamed.

Minwoo: Ah, I shouldn’t laugh. There’s even a tail.

Donghyun: (Grabs the tail) It’s a tail?

Minwoo: It’s a tail. We filmed this in front of our dorm. (Laughs) What do I do..


-Donghyun walks in-

(Hyunseong and Jeongmin laughs)

Donghyun: My life is over.

Jeongmin: It suits you a lot.

Minwoo: It’s not really good.

(Jeongmin continues laughing)

Minwoo: I’ll switch the camera off for a while.


-After a while-

Jeongmin (Camera holder): Donghyun hyung who is giving out milk so that everyone will have a warm winter. He’s giving out milk he produced himself.

Donghyun: I will buy a lot. The cow feels very ashamed.. Please drink some milk.

(Donghyun gives out milk to everyone, then spots Kwangmin)

Donghyun: Oh, here’s a friend. (Gives milk to Kwangmin)

Kwangmin: Ah, thank you.


(Donghyun goes to change)

Jeongmin: Mission accomplished!

Donghyun: My heart hurts.


-Fanmeeting with Bestfriends-

Jeongmin: Everyone, you’re feeling very cold, right?

Bestfriends: Yes!

Jeongmin: Then let us make you feel warm!


-The end-

Coming soon

<I’ll Be There’ MV unreleased parts>

Source: boyfriend-champion on tumblr



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