Boyfriend reveals a surprise event they planned for 300 lucky fans

The six members of rookie boy group ‘Boyfriend‘, who have captured the public’s heart with their explosive 2011 debut, have recently revealed a surprise hidden in their third single album.

300 of the ‘I’ll Be There‘ CDs contain a one-of-a-kind polaroid photo of the boys.

The photos were taken at different moments while the boys were preparing for their new album, and it is more meaningful to the fans as it is Boyfriend’s way of thanking them for their unwavering love and support for the past 200 days.

On the 11th, the boys shared a photo of a wall covered in polaroids via their official fan cafe ( as well as their official Twitter( ) and wrote, “What do you think all these polaroids in the back are for? These are hidden gifts to be placed in our new album.. haha. We planned a special gift to go along with our third single album!! And these photos are indeed that hidden secret haha. We took various candid and comical photos of ourselves while doing everyday things like filming our MV and at our album jacket photo shoot. They are hidden inside the CDs!”

Netizens who saw the photos left comments such as, “My very own Boyfriend photo, just the thought makes me happy“, “It must’ve been so hard to take all of those. I’m so curious to see what they look like“, “Your dedication is like none other. Boyfriend is the best“, and more.

Meanwhile, Boyfriend is predicted to dominate the rest of 2011 with their new song “I’ll Be There“, which is currently climbing the charts on various music sites.

Credits leesa86 on Allkpop


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