Boyfriend’s 200th Day

Today is Boyfriend’s 200th day since debut ^^ Happy 200th day Boyfriend! Let’s support them forever and keep loving them Bestfriends :)


10 thoughts on “Boyfriend’s 200th Day

  1. @ raindropalicia
    Have you already seen this voting?

    Allkpop has their own awards :D
    We can vote for our Boyfiend at the ~allkpop Awards 2011~ at the category ‘Best Rookie Artist’

    It will end on the 31th Dec., 2011, if I calculate it correctly xD

    We Bestfriends can vote for them once a day, but please only support our guys with one (!) FB-account or you will be disqualified:

    “To vote you must be logged into Facebook and have liked our Facebook Page
    Remember, voting from multiple accounts may result in disqualification”

    In addition you can vote for U-KISS at ‘Most Improved Artist’

    So let’s all support our Boyfriend in this voting <3

  2. @ raindropalicia:
    Can you please post this, too?
    If you not posted this already of course ;)

    And if someone of you want to pass this to other Bestfriends, please do this
    So we all can support Boyfriend more ;)
    Just write the credits there ^^

    (I lack of time because currently my I-net doesn’t work T_T)

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