111208 Minwoo Rips his pants during M! Countdown performance

On last night’s episode of Mnet “M! Countdown,” rookie group Boyfriend performed their comeback song, “I’ll Be There.” Their latest energetic song captured the hearts of their female fans with their sweet and adorable charms. One of the highlights of the performance was when the members went down on their knees and moved their hips and legs. Unfortunately, Minwoo experienced a wardrobe malfunction during the middle of his choreography, and viewers were quick to notice. As soon as the performance ended, the video was uploaded to the internet titled “Boyfriend’s Minwoo’s humiliation.”

The video spread like wildfire throughout various internet communities. Those who saw the video commented, “He must have been really into the dance,” and “It’s so funny and cute.”

credits: hotshotlover30 @soompi

Source: boyfriend-champion


7 thoughts on “111208 Minwoo Rips his pants during M! Countdown performance

  1. i wonder y i thought it cute? i just realize that im turning weirdo whenever i think bout minwoo
    i dont care if he ripped his pants, i still love minwoo!
    i wont even mind if his pants was ripped wide open, or he can just take off his pants infront of me..or he can just strip or whatever..i’ll turn pervert for him.. XD haha
    everythin’s gonna b alright! its not a big deal..it might hav been embarrassing to my innocent-lil-handsome&cute-baby-MINWOO.. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE THIS KID

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