Boyfriend New Winter Single Update

In a surprise announcement, Boyfriend has revealed that they’ll be releasing their 3rd single!

After making their debut earlier this year with “Boyfriend“, the group continued to draw strong interest with their second single, “Don’t Touch My Girl“. Wishing to thank fans for their strong support all year, Boyfriend recorded a special winter single as a year-end gift.

Starship Entertainment‘s official Twitter shared two images from the boys’ photoshoot, one being a group picture while the other is a compilation of profile shots. Dressed in dark warm knits and fashionable layers, the effect transformed Boyfriend’s image from ‘sweet prince’ to ‘urban gentlemen’.

Boyfriend will be releasing their 3rd single on December 8th.

Source + Image: Newsen via Nate



Credit: Allkpop

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9 thoughts on “Boyfriend New Winter Single Update

  1. Aigoo Youngmin hair cut look similar to his Hair cut when he didn’t debut yet!!

    But anyway he’s cute and His twinnie is jinjja kyeopta!!

    Minwoo oppa also change his hairstyle!! But he change it again???
    Aigoo y did they change his hairstyle every new album?? But Minwoo oppa is always kyeopta and Talented!!

  2. Boyfriend 3rd single album tracklist :

    01. Where R U
    02. 내가 갈게 (I’ll be there)
    03. 혼자가 아닌 둘 (Not one, but two)
    04. 내가 갈게 (I’ll be there) Inst.
    05. 혼자가 아닌 둘 Inst. (Not one, but two) _they Look different in this photo_

  3. wow! they have change their style………
    minwoo still cute with that hair style……..
    youngmin look different but still pretty……
    kwangmin still cute……
    donghyun still the no 1…..
    jeongmin so cute with snowcap….
    hyunseong like romeo………
    BOYFRIEND IS NO 1!!!!!!!!

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