111128 Boyfriend Diary Update + Minwoo Diary Update

These pictures are from August (Idol Athletic Championships) but they were recently posted on Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Daum Cafe


7 thoughts on “111128 Boyfriend Diary Update + Minwoo Diary Update

      • U-Kiss and Boyfriend – Voting:

        raindropalicia, can you please post this? That we still vote for our Boyfriend

        Hey, we can vote here for Boyfriend until Sunday, once all 10 min >_<

        I have this from: http://www.youtube.c…&feature=relmfu
        Cr: redrednaz from Youtube
        "Kevin has already voiced his concern about UKiss being disbanded if they continue not winning any awards.
        THEY NEED THIS, they need US.
        Please go vote, they deserve this so much.
        They helped keep our heads out of the water, it’s our turn to return the favor.
        mtv(dot)co(dot)kr/mini/best-of­-the-best (Click the yellow link next to the TV then scroll down to find UKiss under the Best Male category and vote for them every 10 minutes!)
        Voting ends this Sunday.
        Please do this, for them. ♥ "

        We Bestfriends can vote aswell for our Boyfriend at the category ~Best New Artist~

        Please all vote for our guys! We all want them to win an Award this year, right?
        Maybe someone of you is a KISS-ME's here, too? Then you wouldn't want U-KISS to be disbanded, right? :'(

      • I couldn’t vote much the whole last week because my I-net does not work until next week T_T (If I have luck)
        But you guys were really supporting our Boyfriend hard ^^
        I want to thank you <3

        I like Shin Dongho from U-KISS *-*

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