Inkigayo Magazine November Issue 2011 Kwangmin


-Use ten words to describe this album.

Kwangmin: “Boyfriend who flies with wings”! Is that alright?

-4D personality? 8D personality!

Kwangmin: I had a memorable experience when I made a cake with a Japanese fan on a show. Even though I think the decorations were a waste, I tasted it. I want to go to an aquarium with our fans next time! I really like places like aquariums and zoos. Isn’t it fun to watch the pretty fishes in the aquarium together? In the future, I want to show everyone my true self, without pretending. They say I have a pure and 4D personality! Haha, I guess it’s good, right?

-You’re My Lady.

Kwangmin: I like girls whose eyes are charming. It’s quite special, right? Even though the question is regarding the type of charm, I’ll just say that it’s a feminine charm, pure and lively. I think people would feel that she is very charming if she’s like that. But I dislike people who always look at others with hostility. I don’t want to have a girlfriend who makes others dislike her.

Wanna be date.

Kwangmin: I want to go watch a movie or have a date at the park with my girlfriend.

Real man.

Kwangmin: I think that I’m most manly when I’m on stage. I worked hard learning about poses for our transformation. I feel awed by Simon D sunbae’s performances recently. He seems like a good role model, even though he looks like he is just playing around, he looks really cool. He is really charming.

About Minwoo.

Kwangmin: Minwoo-ah..

(Minwoo suddenly appears out of nowhere)

Kwangmin: Why are you here? Go away!

(Minwoo who was shooed away returned after a while)

Kwangmin: Minwoo is popular with the girls. It’s surprising, right? Minwoo is cuter than he is matured, and likes to do aegyo. Why is he popular with the girls? Should girls prefer guys who are manly.. Minwoo’s charm attracts a lot of girls, I’m really curious as to why it’s like this! In this field, my charms are lacking when it comes to wavering girls’ hearts. But no matter how I look at it, the only one who has this charm is Minwoo.

[From Inkigayo Magazine November Issue 2011, translated by boyfriend-champion.]



5 thoughts on “Inkigayo Magazine November Issue 2011 Kwangmin

  1. Haha, Kwangmin made the cake with the girl xD I think he was happy not to have the older lady as his partner >_<
    OMG! Does Kwangmin likes Simon D, too? That would be awesome <3
    Minwoo! You interrupted Kwangmin's interview xD

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