Inkigayo Magazine November Issue 2011 – Jeongmin Interview

Use ten words to describe this album.
“A song dedicated to my girls!” I think this is the best way I can express it.
You’re My Lady.
There are many people with us who are really nice, I’ve met many of them who have stuck with us through hard times. Maybe it’s because of trust, it has nothing to do with our appearance. (laughs) My heart wavers a bit when I see the girls who are good at singing and playing musical intrsuments. I think it’s charming when they concentrate on their instruments, it’s like how they’re treating children. But I dislike the people who only work hard afterwards. I really hate the people who gossip behind their back about being a girlfriend or a friend. If they keep doing this, there won’t be hope for them.
Wanna be date.
I want to hold hands with my girlfriend, and go play at the theme park. Wearing animal hats or a cute hair band and holding hands would be a really interesting date. I haven’t been to a theme park since I was in my first year in middle school. It’ll be really great if I could go there with a girl I love.
Real man.
Someone told me that after I took a shower, when I massage the face cream onto my face, even though my face is covered with the cream, I look handsome, haha. My eyebrows are very thick, I want to try combing my bangs upwards. If only I get to see myself like that, wouldn’t it be a waste~~~ (laughs)
Our Kwangmin is very different now.
I was surprised. With his 4D personality, he can speak well, he’s like an MC sometimes, right? I think the twins changed the most during our comeback this time, especially Kwangmin. When it came to his part, the fans screamed so loudly. Looks like I have to work even harder.
I Give My First Love To You (Japanese movie)
I watched many movies to learn to express, and the movie “I Give My First Love To You” left me with the deepest impression. The main characters who were together since they were young, when the male lead realised thay he wouldn’t live beyond 20 years old, he transferred schools to break off with his girlfriend. The girl then went over to his school, and at the opening ceremony, she shouted “This guy is mine! Don’t think about taking him!”. When I watched this scene, I feel that being separated from someone you love is very scary and sad. Watching this movie helped me in my singing a lot.
Come to my true music.
Growing up, I listened to Panic’s songs. When I listen to their songs, I often think “Who am I?”. Recently I sang “Hear My Words” with Yoo Jaesuk sunbaenim, when I heard it, I had the same feeling. I realise that realistic lyrics can be expressed so well.. I want to learn to be a singer-songwriter, and make music more matured in the future, just like Ri Gye sunbaenim, I want to bring others into my world of music.
[From Inkigayo Magazine November Issue 2011, translated by boyfriend-champion.]


8 thoughts on “Inkigayo Magazine November Issue 2011 – Jeongmin Interview

  1. It’s so cool that Jeongmin can play so many instruments <3
    Like Lee Sungmin from SuJu says: "Even if you're an idol, you should know how to play at least one instrument"
    That was so cool of him ^^ If everybody of Boyfriend could play at least one instrument, they would be more perfect. They could improve their music by writing it by themselves <3

    • yea! ^^ Jeongmin is my favourite in Boyfriend. Can you play any instruments? Do you like Super Junior too? SJ is my favourite group :D Sungmin is right ~
      Writing music is hard but yes they could :)

  2. I like Eunhyuk out of SuJu. But they are not my favorite group ;) Boyfriend is it <3
    No, unfortunately I can't play any instruments, but I would like to xD

    What about you?

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