Inkigayo Magazine November Issue 2011 Hyunseong Interview

: -What I think about our outfits.
: I think that I’m more comfortable now, compared to the “Boyfriend” era. The dongsaengs are still cute when they’re waiting quietly. You don’t know how tough it was for Donghyun hyung and me when we had to put on cute expressions every day. (laughs) Because the concept for “Don’t Touch My Girl” lets me show my true image, I feel relaxed. The dongsaengs’ position and ours have changed completely.
: -The most memorable moment in my first variety show.
: During the Japan NHK show, I think that the way Youngmin’s fan showed curiosity towards his personal life is too much. She even asked about which tooth he started with when he brushes his teeth. Even though Youngmin panicked, he answered her questions well. Haha, thinking back, that was a really unusual person.
: -You’re My Lady.
: I like girls who can get along with me easily and understand me well. When I see girls who are very feminine, especially the ones who speak with a gentle voice slowly, it’s as if my heart wavers a bit. First impressions are of course, important, but after getting to know each other, we can find out more about each others’ good points. I dislike girls who are easygoing, but rough. They talk too much no matter where they are. Every time they talk, they use profanities. Just thinking about it makes me feel dizzy. (laughs)
: -Wanna be date.
: I want to go for a picnic alone with my girlfriend. It should be good to prepare our own food ourselves. I don’t mind if I’m the one doing everything, I’m just afraid that my girlfriend will think that the food tastes bad…. (laughs) I think she should know my cooking standard if I say that I think cooking omurice is hard. I once cooked seaweed soup for my mother’s birthday, my family members’ reactions were good~ The problem is, I didn’t know it was good for the body, so I only cooked a tiny portion of the soup. It almost became a small banquet.
: -Hyunseong-ah. When did you start dating?
: I haven’t dated before. Of course, I’ve liked someone before, and I’ve tried confessing but got rejected. Once I’ve answered this question, I hope someone will come and say these words to me. Even though I feel lonely, somehow I’ve come to like this feeling, isn’t it weird?
: -Jeongmin.
: I envy Jeongmin’s personality. No matter what happens, he looks on the bright side. He’s always happy. I really envy his bright personality.
: -A person who acts differently from his outer appearance.
: I think I should label myself as a person who acts differently from his outer appearance. Of course, I’m not talking about it badly. (laughs) Even though I look stiff on the outside and have rushed expressions, I’m really gentle. I’m actually the type to take care of others quietly. I think the people who judge me by my outer appearance will fall for my charms if they observe me.
: [From Inkigayo Magazine November Issue 2011, translated by boyfriend-champion.]


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