Starship Entertainment artists celebrate a great year with ‘ELLE Girl’

SISTARK.WillBoyfriend, and 11 other artists from Starship Entertainment came together recently to shoot a pictorial for ‘ELLE Girl‘ magazine, honoring the end of a fantastic year.

The concept for the pictorial was ‘Party‘, which was highly emphasized by the artists’ relaxed poses and sleek attire. SISTAR dressed up colorful outfits, while Boyfriend showed off their good looks in fitted suits.

In their accompanying interview, the artists shared their personal thoughts about their fellow labelmates. Boyfriend’s Dong Hyun complimented K.Will with, “It was K.Will hyung who first taught me how to sing. He is like a teacher to me.”

Meanwhile, Boyfriend’s Hyunseong surprised fans when he revealed that his ideal type is none other than SISTAR’s Bora. “My ideal woman is someone who is friendly and can understand me well.  I think Bora noona is the most approachable.  She takes care of her juniors,” he said.

Smiling, SISTAR’s Soyu expressed that she felt glad for the chance to meet up with her labelmates. “We don’t have many opportunities to meet like this because everyone is busy with their activities, but I feel like we are one family today.”

Finally, Starship Entertainment representatives commented, “We believe Starship’s artists were able to wrap up the year very well due to the love received from our fans.  We thank those fans who show their continuing support. There will be a surprise gift in the near future.”

You can check out the full pictorial in December.  Meanwhile, enjoy some of their photos below!

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate

Credits: MrTuxedo on Allkpop


One thought on “Starship Entertainment artists celebrate a great year with ‘ELLE Girl’

  1. OMG! Please Bora, now you have to be careful of Hyunseong-Fans xD
    Who is on the last photo? Is it Minwoo?
    I’m looking forward to the other photos in December *-*

    I really thought at first that Donghyun was holding hands with Hyorin xD I think they are just close
    Hyungseong! Are you really that close with Bora? ^^
    I somehow knew it …

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