111118 Kwangmin’s Cafe Message



ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ I’m glad that everyone’s been showing lots of affection towards the fancafe lately

Also, I’ve seen the pictures everyone took, I feel great

I’m so happy that I’m flying now          piong~~~~~~~~~~!!

To show everyone a better image

I was practising just now!!!

Has everyone seen our selfcam? Did you see my liveliness?

Eum.. We will show you even more interesting and cheerful sides of us

Please look forward to it

I saw the previous messages that Jeongmin hyung and Hyunseong hyung left

They asked everyone to write a lot of comments

But I will not ask everyone to comment a lot!!

Why!!!! Because I know they won’t be written with everyone’s beautiful intentions ㅋㅋㅋ

So I’m not forcing you to write it

Write when you feel like it

It’s okay if you don’t feel like writing…..

No, it’s better if you write

ㅎㅎ Will you comment?

It’s not that you must comment

ㅋㅋ Everyone, please be careful of catching a cold

The weather outside has suddenly become cold, dress warmly when you go outdoors

Kwangmin who is somewhere far!!!

*No matter what you comment…….;;I will read them all…. I’m not asking everyone to comment….„


Translated by boyfriend-champion.

Source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe


7 thoughts on “111118 Kwangmin’s Cafe Message

  1. Annyeong… :D i’m a fan of the Jo Twins…especially Jo Kwangmin…<3
    Err…its kinda raining here,and my brain in flushing…i have no idea what to write..haha…
    I'm not gonna be the crazy type and saying "i love boyfriends!! i want them!" that kind of
    staff,its not my type..haha…but i'm a big fan of Boyfriend,yea….:D so,i just want to say…do your best,and i'll support you all the way…even if i'm far away…lol…love ya,see ya in another
    life…i hope…hahaha…

  2. me? catch a cold? that’s impossible!!!…………cuz i already have a cold!!! T-T boohoohoo been sick for almost one week….anyway, boyfriend fighting!!! 100% GURANTEE YOU WILL BECOME LIKE DBSK ONE DAY!!! ^^ OH! and also, i want to say that even though a lot of people notice you because of your HOTNESS (which is really really TRUE), i have to say out of all the rookie bands so far, your dancing is like OHMYGOSH…i really like the song you&i, you guys sang perfectly in that song~~~ ok then, bye bye for now, PYONG~

  3. Annyeong…….i’m a fan of Boyfriend
    especially Jo Twins……i dont know what to say…..
    but i always support you….
    and do the best……
    i love all you’re song….specially song dont touch my girl…
    honestly i like that song……..
    ok….only that i can say to you…all

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