Information about Boyfriend’s fan sites

I did not write this ~ I just copied it from tumblr

Sunshine (Hyunseong),Neverland (Youngmin), Minuminu (Minwoo), CaptainDH (Donghyun) and now LoveMine (Kwangmin), Sweet J (Jeongmin), those korean fansites for the members have closed and some of them are temporarily down.

Starship doesn’t allowed fansites to make any Boyfriend goods and they’re closing down one by one now. As you know, fans are the most important thing for artist, they’re the key to their success. Fansites are so important, because they’re the one who actually meet the boys and support them directly. If this continues, then Boyfriend will lose numerous great fans. What I’m trying to say is, keep supporting Boyfriend. Never stop supporting our boys no matter how Starship treat us. If it’s not us, who will?

I am sorry, Hyunseong.
“My brilliant sunshine and the sun… That warmth has disappeared…”

SUNSHINE, Hyunseong’s only fansite, has officially closed down.

SUNSHINE is just one of the many other Boyfriend fansites that has taken this step due to issues with Starship Entertainment.

As a strong Hyunseong stan, since SUNSHINE is Hyunseong’s sole fan page, this deeply saddens me. Not only this, but it will greatly affect his international fanbase since international fans will have little or no updates of him. At least the other members still have a few sites running. However, with Starship’s bans, things could get worse. Despite that, we should still support Boyfriend as much as we can.

The admin of SUNSHINE was a very friendly person. She actively and consistently communicated with members of the site and provides beautiful Hyunseong-focused pictures and videos. Apparently, she runs the site herself from what I know and it might have been a tedious job but she did well. She gave the rest of the world a glimpse of Hyunseong by going to numerous fansigns and shows out of her own free will. Not only that, but she gives Hyunseong presents on behalf of the fansite. Can you imagine the joy Hyunseong might have felt whenever he received gifts and messages fromSUNSHINE? And what about now when he finds out his only fanpage closed down? Without SUNSHINE, Hyunseong would have less support not just from K-Bestfriends but from the world and we all already know how little attention Hyunseong already gets. According to the admin, please check it on Sunday evening to see if it’s been really permanently shut.

Let’s all pray and hope for the best because we really need SUNSHINE to carry on shining. For Bestfriends, for Boyfriend, and for our Hyunseong.

source: youngminbiased on twitter, seolheebyul on tumblr, boyfriend-champion on tumblr


2 thoughts on “Information about Boyfriend’s fan sites

  1. I will always support our boys! No matter what Starship Entertainment does! But why!? Why does Starship Entertainment close other fansites!? NO! HyunSeong! T_T

  2. aishh…*facepalm*no offence but how retarded can entertainment companies get!?they may produce super mega talented people but…fans are super mega important!!they spread their love,keep their idols going,uphold justice, never stops!!never!!

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