Boyfriend Fan Taken Pictures

I haven’t been posting a lot of fan taken pictures lately so just click here for pictures from the Pynk Concert Boyfriend attended in Thailand back in October [111026]. There are a lot of pictures. That post is part 3 and underneath are links for part 2 and part 1. Here are more pictures from the Pynk Concert.

More fan taken pictures:
Boyfriend at Yeongdeungpo Fan signing Event
Boyfriend During the Rehearsal
Boyfriend in Thailand 
Boyfriend During Interview at Dusit Thani Hotel
Boyfriend at Incheon Airport
Boyfriend at Synnara Youngsan Fansign Event

Don’t forget to click on the links below if there is more than one part. Sorry I didn’t actually post the pictures, they’re just links to someone else’s blog but there are lots of awesome pictures! Also sorry for being so late. Most of the pictures are from October. I won’t do that anymore. I don’t have time and there’s so many pictures to save and upload though.

Boyfriend had a fan signing event so there are more fan taken pictures from that. I will actually post those soon. ^^


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