Boyfriend Diary – Jeongmin

[Boyfriend Diary] 2011 Idol Sports Championship:: Boyfriend Jeongmin Runs::

Boyfriend fanclub’s person in charge Manager Kim.

Today~ What have I brought? +ᄆ+

You’re very curious curious curious curious x10000000000000000000000000, right!

2011 Idol Sports Championship!!!!!!

Boyfriend’s first appearance +ᄆ+ Congratulations. Haha!!!!

Many fans attended, and cheered as much as they could………

Do you still remember Boyfriend’s look?

After two months…. Finally the pictures are open to public!!!!!!!

Eung~ I thought they were lost ᅲᅲ The photos were found again. Everyone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ it’s brought here to be given to the Bestfriends!!!

Go go go go~~~~~~~~~ Hiu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What’s going on Jeongmin? What’s going on? What’s going on?

It suddenly appeared while taking the photo….. Jeongmin was taken in a pose like this +ᄆ+

He should think how to pose properly!!!! What pose should he do~

A photo that is shown to everyone, please show a prettier image.



As expected, Jeongmin’s smile which is very~ pretty.

How is it??? Everyone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

Not only Jeongmin’s.. I’ll continue posting more.

Deng deng deng… !!



Lastly………….. Everyone, see you again~!!


Translated by boyfriend-champion.

Source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe


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