Jeongmin’s Article in Taiwanese Magazine


Q: While you were filming for the “Don’t Touch My Girl” MV, were there any memorable moments?

We filmed it together with Lee Se Young. Because it was our first time acting, we felt quite nervous and afraid. During the filming process, besides working, we treated it as a sort of date. But because I was too nervous, I accidentally made Lee Se Young’s teeth bleed. I feel really sorry towards her!

Q: Even though your birthday is on the 2nd of May, Taiwan Bestfriends are already making the preparations for your birthday. What are your thoughts?

Firstly, thank you so much to the fans. We’ve never officially met with the fans in Taiwan before, but seeing so many fans supporting us and cheering for us makes me feel really happy! I will work even harder to show the fans my best image~

Q: What role are you most interested to play in a movie?

I want to play the role of a comedic person or a quiet musician.

Q: Who do you think is the member with the most manly charm?

Kwangmin. I think he looks very manly, but with a young feel. Even so, he gives off a feeling that he can be depended upon. Recently when he sings rap, he’ll often have a confident look, it’s so cool!

Q: What do you think of SISTAR who is in the same company?

I think they’re the sunbaes who are the best at enjoying the stage performances. To tell you the truth, Bora sunbae is the one who takes care of us the most.

Q: What is your ideal type of girl?

I like a girl who is charming, at the same time, I’d like it if she can communicate well with me and has a personality that is compatible with mine.

Q: How is life at your dorm?

I share the same room with Youngmin and Kwangmin. Usually after work we return to the dorm, everyone will wash up, then sleep. It feels busy even after returning to the dorm!

Q: Your fanclub name is Bestfriend. Besides those fans, when did you meet your childhood best friend?

I’m still keeping in contact with my best friend. We met each other during our elementary school days. We understand each other well. He is a very cool and lively person. Saying this now makes me remember the days where we played together.

Q: What are the roles of the members in the group?

Donghyun hyung is the leader, he is very kind and has leadership qualities; Hyunseong hyung is a very pure young man; Underneath Youngmin’s cool exterior lies a very gentle heart; Kwangmin is a interesting and unique person; Minwoo is our maknae, he’s the best at doing aegyo!

Q: Please say something to the Taiwan Bestfriends.

Hello! Thank you so much for the support and encouragements you have given us, we will continue working hard. Even though we are unable to meet frequently because of the distance between us, we will definitely go to Taiwan! I hope we can meet soon~!


Translated : boyfriend-champion


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