111110 Youngmin’s Article in Taiwan Magazine

Q: Were there any unforgettable moments while filming for the MV for “Don’t Touch My Girl”?

While filming for the MV, it felt like we were filming for a drama. During the filming process, we felt very troubled and worried because we were filming with Lee Se Young sunbae. But after filming, we felt that we were too nervous, because the atmosphere while filming was very cheerful. She also took the initiative to guide us in our acting, and also gave us many advice on acting. We are very thankful to her!

Q: What role are you most interested to play in a movie?

I’d like to try an action movie’s type of acting, I’ll challenge the role of a charming and good-looking man.

Q: Who do you think is the member with the most manly charm?

I think it’s Donghyun. He is always checking his facial expressions, and practice it until he is finally satisfied.

Q: You are from the same company as SISTAR. What do you think you should learn from them?

Their vocal ability. SISTAR sunbaes are very good at singing. Besides that, I also want to learn their stage atmosphere.

Q: What is your ideal type of girl?

I prefer girls who like to do aegyo!

Q: Your fanclub name is Bestfriend. Besides those fans, when did you meet your childhood best friend?

I have many good friends, it’s hard to pick one among them, because they are all very precious to me. I met them in many stages of my life, from elementary school to middle school, and from middle school to high school.

Q: What are the roles of the members in the group?

Donghyun hyung is our leader, he is a very reliable hyung; Jeongmin hyung is very lively, he is very interesting; Hyunseong hyung is very manly and reliable; Minwoo likes to do aegyo a lot; Kwangmin has a bit of a 4D personality, he is my younger twin brother.

Q: Please say something to the Taiwan Bestfriends.

I hope that everyone will continue supporting Boyfriend’s new songs. I will also be a more hard working Youngmin. Everyone, please wait a little while longer, we will definitely go to Taiwan and meet everyone.



Translated by boyfriend-champion on tumblr


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