111107 + 111109 Boyfriend Facebook Update

Twins Youngmin and Kwangmin posed for Vogue Girl Magazine, titled ‘Extraordinary Beauty’ with a mysterious, fantasy-like but still youthful concept!

보이프렌드 쌍둥이 영민·광민, 몽환적 트윈 화보 화제

Article (this translation was not posted on FB but I got it from Allkpop)

Twins Youngmin and Kwangmin of rookie group Boyfriend who have quickly climbed the charts with their hit song “Don’t Touch My Girl” recently posed for Vogue Girl Magazine.

The brothers who are being labeled as the ‘Kim Hyun Joong twins‘ completed a photo shoot titled ‘Extraordinary Beauty’ with a mysterious, fantasy-like but still youthful concept.

Netizens who saw the photos remarked, “Can’t take my eyes away“, “They look so mysterious“, and “They look like animation characters“.

In related news, the members of Boyfriend are actively promoting their album on various television programs.

Source & Image : StarToday via Nate

credit leesa86 on Allkpop


2 photos of Kwangmin taken at Boyfriend’s fan signing are becoming the hot topic on various online community boards now. With his sharp nose and perfect flawless skin, it amazed the hearts of fans! Check out the article below.

보이프렌드 광민, 초근접 옆라인 셀카 공개 ‘여자보다 예쁘네?’


Boyfriend is cheering on the students taking the 2012 College Entrance Exams today! As you may already know, HyunSeong is one of those! Hope he can pass with flying colors :) To all the students, wish you good luck and enjoy your freedom tonight!

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Facebook, Allkpop, Nate
Also Don’t Touch My Girl is 7th on the Gaon Chart.

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