111104 Donghyun + Minwoo Twitter Update

[B.F:동현] 수험생 여러분! 수능이 이제 일주일 남았어요. 잘푸세요 얍!!! 호ㅏ이팅 !!!!!!!!!!!!


[B.F:Donghyun] High school seniors! There’s one week left till the SAT. Relax well!!! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

[B.F:민우] 수능이 이제 조금밖에 안남았아요 수험생분들 모두 대박나세요~~찰싹붙어랑ㅎㅎ 찹쌀떡에 풀칠하면 떨어질수가 없겠죠?다들 조금만 더 힘내세요~!!


[B.F:Minwoo] There’s very little time left until you have take the SAT, candidates please do well~~ Stick while going through the examㅎㅎ You won’t be dropped from the list* if you are as sticky as glutinous rice cakes right? Everyone please work hard~!!

Dropped from the list* – Fail, the “list” refers to the list of students who passed.

Source: Boyfriend’s Twitter
Translatuon: boyfriend-champion on tumblr



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