111105 Jeongmin Star Call + Translation


Jeongmin: Hello, I’m Boyfriend’s Jeongmin. Now it’s about 30 minutes before our live recording for Music Core~

Member’s voice: Really?

Jeongmin: It’s true, I’m not lying.

Member’s voice: That’s outrageous.

Jeongmin: Now I’m so nervous that it feels as if my heart is going to jump out. Furthermore, on tomorrow’s Inkigayo, we will be performing in Sunday’s “Share the Love” concert. To give everyone our love, we are now doing the required preparations~

Member’s voice: What are they?

Jeongmin: You should prepare two packets of ramyun. You must really prepare the two packets of ramyun. There’s that possibility~ Maybe there’ll be bags and cola.. Aigoo, any kind of ramyun is fine. If you bring to packets of ramyun, the performance.. So I really hope everyone will prepare two packets of ramyun, and come to our concert. I hope that after this ends, I can meet everyone tomorrow, and see the starcall sign. You must keep watching us~ byebye~

Source: ryokochanth on Youtube
Translation: boyfriend-champion on tumblr


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