111101 Boyfriend in Inkigayo Magazine

Youngmin Boyfriend Youngmin-goon. Today… Is it our comeback day…I’m sorry… My memories are becoming blurry… ᅮᅮ Boyfriend’s white coloured outfit is so suitable that it feels scary…Youngmin who looks as though he has walked out from a manhwa~ I understand, I’ll take the picture for Inkigayo’s magazine!
Jeongmin “You who are prettier than flowers~” No, that’s not right… Jeongmin-ah… “Jeongmin who is prettier than flowers~” that’s the correct one… ᄏᄏᄏᄏ
Minwoo Is it because Minwoo has acted before? His expression is so natural~^^ Minwoo, this delicate type of boy is actually singing “Don’t Touch My Girl” Aigoo~ -///~

Kwangmin Kwangmin who now know what gags are That handsome face actually did gags that made people laugh uncontrollably.. Towards looking at girls, it’s a very big favor. Thank you so much…ᄏᄏᄏ after receiving presents. Did a facial expression just like the banana.  Refreshing rate is 100%. And Kwangmin-goon who is showing off
Hyunseong Even though Hyunseong looks as if he can now grasp the atmosphere… Yes…you’re right.. He can grasp the atmosphere well now and he has lost weight. His gaze has more feeling in it
The number of noonas who keep sighing and are unable to sleep recently. Have increased…ᄏᄏᄏ
Donghyun Our fair-skinned leader Donghyun whose looks have improved tremendously!! Seriously.. Dancing powerfully while singing “Don’t Touch My Girl”. He is so handsome that it makes your heart go “thump thump”… So bright.. His bright smile as if winter will not arrive makes people feel intoxicated. Even their tiredness has been washed away~ ᄏᄏ (But…Me…I want an autograph too…Please…ᅳᅮ)

Sources: Inkigayo Magazine, 6boyfriends on Facebook
Translations: boyfriend-champion on Tumblr


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