111101 Boyfriend Facebook Update

Did you already vote for Boyfriend as The Rookie of Year of 2011 MAMA? If you haven’t, go and vote! You are the only one who can bring them to the top. Visitwww.2011MAMA.com now! For further information, click on the link below.

베스트프렌드 여러분! 2011 MAMA 신인상 부문에 노미네이트된 보이프렌드를 응원해주세요. MAMA 공식 웹사이트 http://www.2011MAMA.com에서 투표 가능합니다!!!

VOTE on www.2011mama.com / m.2011mama.com


45 thoughts on “111101 Boyfriend Facebook Update

  1. Please vote everybody as BESTFRIENDs to support BOYFRIEND! <33

    We have to make sure that BOYFRIEND wins the Mnet Asian Awards 2011

    I'm currently participating in it ~~

  2. Are someone of you from Europe?
    Then please vote here:

    I remind you, only the votes of the people who live in Europe can be registered …
    But you can find more information at that site then ^^

    Boyfriend is at the section of “Newcomer Male”
    If someone of you like FT Island, they are for 4(!) sections nominated!

    Please support both idol groups <33

  3. Please all of you make promotions for this site if you are living in Europe or know people from Europe! ^^

    We have to GUARANTEE that BOYFRIEND WINS!!!
    And that they will pay attention to Europe, especially GERMANY! ;)

      • Thanks a lot! ^^ I hope so, too <33
        But I think they have to establish more in Asia first
        Then they maybe come to Germany *-* Bust as soon as possible is better! xD

        Maybe there will be something like 'So-Loved Awards' in Canada, too? :D

  4. Maybe I should have add this too…

    ‘The so-loved Awards take place already for the second time in 2011. All German speaking K-Pop fans, no matter where they live in Europe, are invited to give their votes.’

  5. [raindropalicia]
    yea haha
    oh I see ^^ cool!!

    @ raindropalicia
    Yeah, sorry, I have written it a little bit confusing …

    So, I live in Germany but my parents are Vietnamese so I’m a Vetnamese too
    But I’m proud of being an Asian ^^

  6. Omg, everybody are from somewhere Asia :D I’m just from Finland. I think I’m only Finn here…? I just voted that so-loved Awards thing, now just hoping BF wins <3

    • @ Turskah~
      It’s not just ;)
      It’s good that some Europeans love Boyfriend ^^
      I’m from Germany :D Nice to meet you

      I just feel that for us who lives in Europe don’t have a chance to meet them …

      But I hope that with the ‘So-Loved Awards’ they will pay more attention to Germany xD
      Thanks that you vote for them, I vote for them every day, too

      • Nice to meet you too (:
        I have studied German in school for 3 and half years now, so I tried to read that So-Loved Awards German text, but i didn’t understand much about it :’D I need to practice more german ^^

  7. Turskah~
    Nice to meet you too (:
    I have studied German in school for 3 and half years now, so I tried to read that So-Loved Awards German text, but i didn’t understand much about it :’D I need to practice more german ^^

    @ Turskah~
    WOW! That’s soo cool!
    Hehe, if you have any question with German you can ask me, if it is an easy problem ;)

    But you can read it in English here, too:

    Yeah, good luck with practing German :D

  8. No problem ^^ I don’t mind doing things like this ^^
    There are other categories, too
    FT Island is nominated for 4 (!) times <33
    Which idol groups do you like?

    My one-and-only band is FT Island and my one-and-only-group is Boyfriend. Those two have a place in my heart 4-ever!
    Of course I listen to other idol groups' music sometimes, too, but the two named above stay as my favorites eternal^^

    • I don’t really listen lot’s of other K-pop groups/bands than BF :D
      I know that sounds kinda weird, because I’m sooo big BF fan <3 I sometimes listen Bigbang, 2NE1, SHINee etc. But usually if I'm not listening BF I'm listening some rap, or pop. ^^ I have so large taste in music hehe ~

  9. No I don’t think that it’s weird! ;) As I told you my favorites are BOYFRIEND and FT Island
    And I listen to their music like 24/7 xD
    I like a lot of other kinds of music too, sometimes rock or just soul or pop …
    I just talked about K-POP :P

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