111028 Donghyun’s Cafe Message

[From. Donghyun♡] Sawadeekap? Pomrakkun^^ Keopkunkap!!
We Boyfriend have returned safely to Korea after our performance in Thailand~
Thank you to the fans who waited for us at the airport. Because the flood was more serious than I thought it was, our hearts also hurt.
I hope we gave a bit of strength to help .^^
It was my first time going to Thailand, and I really like this dish Pad Thai; I even ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner .^^
On our last day of the performance, many people came to support and I was amazed when they sang along to our songs.
Thanks to our Bestfriends who worried about us, we’ve returned safely ^^
Even just going overseas for a little while, I thought a lot about our Korean fans.
Even though its disappointing we don’t have a performance today but !! we’ll meet and see you on Young Street and Starry Night .
We’ll make the radio performances fun too ~ㅎㅎㅎ
And ~ please look forward to our fansign event this weekend~

Source: Boyfriend Official Fan Cafe, Translation: boyfriend-translations on Tumblr

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