111018 Boyfriend’s School Activities

The new Single “Don’t Touch My Girl” which has currently been gathering a lot of attention by the new idol boyband Boyfriend. Amongst the members of Boyfriend a few of them are still attending school, classmates are currently supporting them through their activities.

In the afternoon of the 17th, Boyfriend has met up with Asia Today to conduct an interview. Among them all, there are 4 members who are currently still attending high school which are, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Jeongmin, and Minwoo came to talk to us right after they had just finished their mid-terms for their highschool.

Youngmin stated “Because of our hectic schedule we barely have time to study, so we usually just study last minute and whenever we have free time” To this Kwangmin replied “We usually try to attend school as often as possible, but most of the time we can’t due to our overflowing schedule. So when we do attend school we’d have to leave early”

Minwoo also said “I dont usually go out with friends a lot because theres no time, but when its time for exams we usually go out and study together” and added “Sometimes when I go to school people will ask me for autographs and they cheer for us, then we’d have lots of fun”

Meanwhile, Boyfriend is currently promoting their 2nd single album “Don’t Touch my Girl” on different music shows. A more mature and charismatic side of Boyfriend can be seen on stage.

Source: asiatoday.co.kr
Translated by: RAINYDAYS @B-NATION, jotwins.tumblr.com


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