111012 Jeongmin Twitter Update

[B.F:정민] 여러분!!보이프렌드 2nd 싱글발매 기념 이벤트를 준비했어요! 럭키디스크를 찾아라+_+!! 그럼 뿅~! http://lockerz.com/s/146485544

[Translation] Everyone! To celebrate Boyfriend 2nd Single, we prepared an event! Find the Lucky disk+_+!! Well, Pprong~! lockerz.com/s/146485544

Source: Boyfriend’s Twitter,
Translation: FVNA @ BNation

Allkpop Article

Boyfriend to release 700 gold discs in ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ albums as invitation to fan meeting


Six member group Boyfriend has a special surprise for 700 lucky fans in their new single album, ‘Don’t Touch My Girl.’

Boyfriend announced on their official fan cafe, “To celebrate our 2nd single album, Boyfriend is planning a special event for you guys. Who will be the receiver of the gold disks?” 700 copies of Boyfriend’s ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ album will contain the lucky “gold CD,” which will later act as an invitation to Boyfriend’s future fan meeting.

Fans who heard the news commeneted, “I will stop at nothing to have the golden CD in my hands,”and, “I’m more shaken by the members’ cuteness than I am by the CDs.”

Source + Photo: ETO via Nate

Credits: elliefilet on Allkpop  



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