111012 Jeongmin made Lee Seyoung bleed


Boyfriend Jeongmin shoot an episode for Boyfriend’s Music Video with Lee Seyoung the child actress and confessed sorry to her.

Jeongmin saying when having an Interview with TVReport “I shot the music video for our song ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ and acted for the first time in my life. and then I see bleed from Nuna’s mouth”

For Boyfriend Second Single Album ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ the members acted with Lee Seyoung and it was really helpful for them. Jeongmin and Lee Seyoung scene is brushed each other’s teeth.

Jeongmin said, “I brushed Lee Seyoung nuna’s teeth too hard. I didn’t know it was hard while we were shooting because nuna was smiling like an angel. But after the shooting, there was blood on the tooth brush.”

He added, “She didn’t get upset or she didn’t show her displeasure because she worried that I might get in trouble.”

Boyfriend returned with their song ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ on the 7th through KBS Music Bank.

Source: TV Report and fvna- @ BNATION!, iloveboyfriendband.wordpress.com


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