111007 Boyfriend Twitter Update

Original Tweet: [B.F:민우] 지금은 사녹대기중이에요~갑자기 날이 너무춥네요 밖에많이춥죠..?좀만기다려요!!다들보고싶었는데 좀있음보네용!! 안떨리게응원많이해주세요!!티비앞에서두…ㅎㅎ화이팅!!본방사수~>.<http://lockerz.com/s/145030515

Translation: I’m waiting for the recording~ Suddenly it became cold, it’s cold outside right..? Wait a bit!! We want to meet you all but wait a bit!! Please support us!! In front of TV too…hehe fighting!! Live broadcast~>.< http://lockerz.com/s/145030515

Source: fvna- @ BNATION, iloveboyfriendband.wordpress.com


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