111029 Boyfriend with Lucky fans

Also, Boyfriend will be going to the Phillipines.

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111030 Minwoo Cafe Message



[From. Minwoo♡] wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh It’s been a long time!!ㅋㅋㅋ right?? ‘ㅅ’ 

Writing something here…

It’s really been a long time ㅇ_ㅇ!!

It’s been great since we’ve been doing fansign events a lot latelyㅋㅋㅋ

Thank you to all who came >< to the performances too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring all your grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads, younger siblings, and noonas all to play ㅋㅋㅋ

I’m waiting★

Ah, also my picture ㅋㅋㅋ

*Don’t touch Minwoo’s snail*

And the 2nd photo!!

Again… second picture!!

Do you all remember??

This is when Donghyun hyung bought us choco pie!!!!

We secretly packed a lot…. ㅋㅋㅋ

If you split it in half and eat it

It’s so delicious!!!!!!!!!!! «< Only people who know this will understand waahㅋㅋㅋ

♥When will we meet again~

Did the pictures come out well?? ㅋㅋPlease give your opinion!!!!


translation: jaein @boyfriend-translations

Scans and Article Translations from “Cool Magazine” (Chinese Magazine).

Boyfriend manual: Kwangmin who always had a cold demeanour, does not show you his tenderness only because he wanted to enjoy the feeling of quietly looking out for you. As a boyfriend, Kwangmin will be the type to quietly do things behind your back, secretly take care of you, but he will not be the type to say much. His little wish is to be an entertaining supporting role, quietly serving others. Those who don’t understand his inner heart might misunderstand him, he will stubbornly not explain himself either. However, we can only lean on a hard and stable wall right? His expression is a little stiff, and he cannot do winks, but he is a person who will take out the ring when the time is crucial. Even though he is still young, as a boyfriend, he may be surprisingly mature.
Girlfriend’s criteria: You have to understand him, only then you can be by his side. You have to learn to feel every small thing he has done for you, and also understand that stubbornness is a good thing in economics. Furthermore, if you want to keep up with Kwangmin’s thoughts, you’ll have to broaden your imagination. Even though Kwangmin’s expression is stiff, his ideas are countless. If he tells you that he saw a rabbit making medicine on the moon, don’t reply “You’re too much”, if he laughs crazily and then suddenly says that he’s hungry, don’t say “You’ve finally gone crazy”. Because if you say that, you might hurt his vulnerable feelings, and the stiff boy will keep those hurt feelings in his heart.
Uniform’s impression: Kwangmin’s comeback this time has shown a sexy image which could have been always there. If you say that in the first single, he had an image full of cuteness, this time he has fully transformed into a more manly boyfriend. This transformation has given him more confidence, that hairstyle which covers his eye could have been the hairstylist’s intention to give Kwangmin a cool image. This knight in shining armour doesn’t ride a horse, instead he rides a bicycle. When you think back now, the image of Kwangmin riding his bicycle with his messy hair and yelling with grief makes one’s heartbeat increase.
Boyfriend manual: Saying that Minwoo is a two-sided angel, it’s better to say that he is actually very domineering. Cuteness is only his way to attract others, as soon as you’re hooked, his domineering personality will make sure that you cannot escape. This isn’t surprising, seeing as Minwoo’s star sign is Leo, being kingly and domineering is a trait that will always be present. No matter what, whether he is being cute or domineering, his objective is to make you surrender, just as he will suddenly pull his girlfriend over while walking on the streets. Minwoo who is very serious about dancing does not hesitate while lecturing his hyungs! How can a lion be afraid of an elephant? Showing cuteness is just a lion cub’s most direct way to show his domineering personality.
Girlfriend criteria: Minwoo likes noonas, but this is only his current phase of being able to act spoiled and stubborn towards someone. As his girlfriend, you’ll have to spoil him no matter how old you are. When he shows a sad and lovable expression, you’ll have to care for him by patting his head. When he smiles brightly at you, you have to say “Ah~ So cute!” as if you’re going to faint. When he dances, you must watch his every move and when he wants to show his masculine side, you have to show a girly side, asking to be taken care of, to be protected, to be domineered, to be…. You’ll have to let him have his chance of being a man! He is your core, your everything. Also, don’t forget to always bring tissues with you, wiping his sweat for him is your privilege.
Uniform impression: In the MV, Minwoo seems to be telling everyone that his shoulder is a place worth leaning on, that even though his hand is not big, he can use it to block the sun for you. His sad expression is hard to accept instantly for some people. Is this the precious Minwoo who always shows a charming and bright smile? I want Minwoo to always be happy. But it’s as if this child is using his acting skills to show everyone that side of him whenever he is sad. Putting aside his domineering rap and dance, in the end, what everyone really wants to see is his smile.
Boyfriend’s manual: From the look, Jo Youngmin is of course the best boyfriend out there, but you know him not only for one or two days, his life is not like his look, not everyone can see through it.Maybe it’s his look that gave him too much confidence, which makes him has enough courage to give up the troublesome appearance, also it might be because of not enough practice in the artist road, that cause a lot of devastating photos.No matter if anyone yawn very madly , facing the camera with those fixed eyes, using the tongue and turn around licking the teeth, and those very unique high jump positions, this is known as his “god”, his source of his nickname evidence that has been collected by most of the fans. Youngmin successfully overturned our ideal type of boyfriend, our dream and hope. let us know that, even better human beings also have to eat in the world, this is life.
Girlfriend’s criteria: Those who want to be Youngmin’s girlfriend, you must endure his action that didn’t think about the consequences, if he feels very happy and carefree like this. But if he’s very sad, it’s suitable to have small little eyes staring at him, in case, losing your face throwing to outer space. So how? Life cannot be judged from the first time. Will you still choose him as your boyfriend?
Uniform’s impression: While others are acting so good, Youngmin is using his personality ! Although the rhythm is very cheerful, but the lyrics and the story line are a bit sad, but why Youngmin’s smile is the brightest and the happiest? Why did the director arranged the most childish pillow fight? Is it because of his acting and that he can’t do anything or is it wanting him to continue the first single place. Lastly, we found out that a lot of girlfriends hit the sofa and left, hope the director will give Youngmin a chance to perform out his charisma.
Boyfriend manual: As someone who was born in 1989, Donghyun joining Boyfriend is something that is very different. To be able to fit in with the other members who are born in or after 1993, he had to show cuteness. Actually, saying that he himself is “acting cute” is only a way for him to cover his true personality which is very playful! However, he will take matters into his own hands when the need arises. Donghyun who promised the fans that he would take good care of Minwoo, and that he would lead Boyfriend properly would be a boyfriend who makes people feel secure.
Girlfriend criteria: Cheesy Donghyun has a keen insight into your heart and mind. So if you have the intention of leaving him hints, relax, because he will definitely take the hint and satisfy your wishes. But if you have any bad intentions, or want to do any small actions unnoticed, he will know about it. His dorky side is his way of showing affection and forgiveness towards you, so hurting him is something you should never do! Besides that, as his girlfriend, you have to take care of his image. You have to always remind him that he is 22 years old, in case he forgets his manly image as a leader. You have to cruelly tell him that he is different from his dongsaengs, to be steady!!!
Uniform impression: Bestfriends, the action of the girl in MV poking her toes softly at him is worth learning from. This spoiled action must be used against the patient Donghyun, it can also make him more manly. The scene where he was composing songs by his girlfriend’s side, sitting cross-legged while she is sleeping on the chair has a calm feeling. Even so, the songs bring sad memories in the end. The image of him holding his headphones, looking down with a melancholic feeling without life in his eyes makes people feel pained.
Boyfriend manual: Hyunseong is the most innocent in their group, closing his mouth whenever he smiles, among the members, he looks the most sincere in his military outfit. Wait, what? Sincere? It can’t be! In reality, he is very hyperactive and moves around a lot, but he doesn’t show it because he is too shy. He actually wants to show it on camera, but couldn’t find an opening to do so. As a boyfriend, he may be so shy that he couldn’t even confess his feelings properly. Even so, he is so innocent that he is easily bullied. The member usually bully him by putting on music while he is sleeping and hiding his things, but he does not get mad. Donghyun says that Hyunseong is willing to sacrifice everything for the one he loves, and satisfy her wishes without any repayment in mind. Where else can you find a boyfriend like this?
Girlfriend criteria: If you don’t want to see him gain weight, please control his eating habits. This boy loves eating a lot, and that strong body of his may be the type to easily gain weight. He seems to have gained weight during the comeback this time…(Maybe it’s due to exercising?) Anyway, just make him eat less.(Is this too cruel?) Besides that, help him build his confidence! Make his camera shyness disappear!
Uniform impression: The scene which leaves the biggest impression on people in the MV is when Hyunseong uses all his strength to throw the ball onto the floor. That strength and his back view makes people feel his anger, this is very different compared to his usual elegant image. When the album photos came out, everyone was captivated by Hyunseong’s style. The scene where he threw the paper airplane on the balcony also displayed a mature feeling that is beyond his age, his acting skills gave everyone a surprise. But was the scene where he played basketball for losing weight? And the girlfriend wore high-heeled shoes to play basketball with our Hyunseong, that’s not sincere
Boyfriend manual: The mirror prince Jeongmin’s popularity as risen recently! As a boyfriend, he will bring you a lot of happiness, he will give his girlfriend little surprises, make the atmosphere very romantic as if nothing is lacking during dates, these events are things that makes him happy too. He knows how to act spoiled, to play instruments, to teach others a lesson. He who is full of humour is just like a vitamin, giving your strength to live your life. However, as a boyfriend, Jeongmin does not like to be clinged on. He is like the wind, blowing on your face, but he can also suddenly escape from your grasp. His playfulness and mischievousness originated from his cute personality, and he has a bit of a bad boy trait. (When asked which Boyfriend member he would choose to date) “I want to date myself, I am curious as to how the dating Jeongmin would become.” As soon as Jeongmin has satisfied his curiosity, you’ll have to be careful.
Girlfriend criteria: Being Jeongmin’s girlfriend, you’ll have to be able to withstand some pranks, because this boy is too good at playing pranks on others. If you are timid, you’ll probably be shocked and cry when he suddenly plays a scary prank on you. You have to have patience when listening to his lectures, and have an adoring expression when watching him play. Also, don’t make fun of this boy in case you are in turn made fun of. You have to improve on your speaking skills, train your debating skills. Whenever the urge comes, he will keep back talking to you. If you cannot keep up with him, he cannot prove himself right. But then, you can’t let him have his way too much, who knows how would the chemistry between the mighty noona fan and Jeongmin turn out?
Uniform impression: As soon as Jeongmin appears, his eyes can be seen full of worries. He can only tell them to the morning sun because his girlfriend is still sleeping. The scene where they brush teeth for each other is too cheesy, I guess it makes a lot of Bestfriends feel uncomfortable? In the new song, undeniably we get to see Jeongmin’s performance becoming more and more soulful, his sideways glance never fails to make others unable to contain themselves.
Sources: Scans by 无垠浮声_半脱饭中 (1678990160) on Weibo, bfkpop.blogspot.com
Translations: Yonghwazxc (Youngmin’s Article) and boyfriend-champion (Jeongmin, Minwoo, Hyunseong, Donghyun and Kwangmin’s Article), Edits: @yeolcheek for youngminbiased

Boyfriend Interview at Pynk FM

On the 25th of October 2011 at 6:30PM at Dusit Thani hotel, the six membered rookie group Boyfriend consisting of Jeongmin, Minwoo, Kwangmin, Youngmin, Donghyun and Hyunseong, had an open interview a day before the grand opening of Pynk radio 98 FM that will be held on the 26th at Park Paragon.

△How did you all come to form Boyfriend?
Donghyun : all six of us had the shared the same dream ever since we were young and that was to be an artist so we all auditioned. All of us had trained for at least a period of 2-6 years, and one more extra year for preparing our debut album.△Since Kwangmin and Youngmin are twins, how do you tell the difference?
Jeongmin : the easiest way would be their hair color, because Youngmin would be blonde and Kwangmin has black hair. And also, Kwangmin’s jawline is sharper than Youngmin.

△What’s special about this album
Donghyun : Around four weeks ago we had released the mini album along with our title song Don’t Touch My Girl. Because the beats are cheerful, but ironically the lyrics are the exact opposite, it makes it unbalanced in a good way.

△What’s the talent of each individual?
Jeongmin : Piano, guitar, i like to play many different instruments.
Minwoo : I like to dance, when i’m free i’ll search up dance moves on the internet.
Kwangmin : I like to read, write lyrics, and write raps, the raps for the songs in our album, i was the one who wrote it.
Youngmin : I want to give a lot of fanservice so i usually practice my aegyos
Donghyun : I like to play the piano since i was a little kid.
Hyunseong : I like to sing, I practice my vocals everyday, because I once went to a concert and it made me feel extremely touched, so when other people watch our performance I want people to feel touched too.

△First time in Thailand, is there any Thai cuisines you like?
Jeongmin : During lunch we were served with Pad Thai (T/N: Thai fried noodles) and it was delicious

△How do you feel about going up on stage for Pynk’s concert tomorrow?
Donghyun : First off, we really wanted to be able to have a chance to come to Thailand for a very long time and we finally are able to come so we’re really thankful. And tomorrow we’ll be performing in total of 4 songs, so please look forward to it!
△Other than showcase, you brought your belongings for auction, what did you bring?
Minwoo : We have the costumes from the first cycle of our promotion and hats. Please come to the auction, we really want to be able to help out the thai flood victims.

△Please say something to the fans.
Donghyun : We really have to thank all the fans that came to pick us up at the airport and sent us off to the hotel. We will try our best for everyone. Before we came we saw the news about the flooding in Thailand and thought that it was a pity. So we want everyone to stay strong and fight and it’ll eventually get better, so please come and enjoy the concert tomorrow because we will dedicate our concert for the flood victims.


Credits: Pingbook


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111031 Minwoo’s Cafe Messages

I guess it was tiring in school? ᅮᅮ» I want to go to school too ᄋ

It should be lunch time now, right?

Or have you already finished….ᄒᄒ

Everyone, fighting ><

You can’t have difficulties after eating!!! ᄏᄏ

Ah, I want to go to school too ᅮᅮ

ᄋᄉᄋ Ah! ᄏᄏ Also, I’ve discovered something big!

The pictures of the 6 members that are there on the Cafe’s header!!

If you click it with lightning’s speed!!!!

Something unbelievable will happen ᄋ0ᄋᄏᄏ

If you click it too much, you’ll be caught by the security card, so be careful….

Everyone, fighting…? Eung? ♥ ᄒᄒHee


Minwoo’s second Cafe message

Just when everyone relaxed, assuming that Minwoo has gone off!!!


You’ll never know when I’ll be here, so you must be alert at all times!!!

Usually, frequently ᄏᄏ Understand???

You can’t relax now, assuming that this has ended ><

Comment, whenever you feel bored


Header picture

If you keep clicking it, that’ll be great ᄋ0ᄋ!!



Translated by boyfriend-champion on Tumblr

Source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe

111031 Kwangmin’s Cafe Message

[From.Kwangmin] Hello, this is Kwangmin’s essay

Whoa! Without noticing, it’s been four weeks since we started our promotional activities ᄃᄃ

Why did time pass by so fast? Cchuk cchuk cchuk~~~

Heehee I felt happy meeting with everyone during the fansigning events!!

We’ll show more better images on the stage in the future

Also, we’ll hold more activities from now on~ so everyone, please look forward to it

Our Bestfriends, be careful not to catch a cold

If you do, I’ll come and help to fight the sickness




Translated by boyfriend-champion on Tumblr

Source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe

111028 Donghyun’s Cafe Message

[From. Donghyun♡] Sawadeekap? Pomrakkun^^ Keopkunkap!!
We Boyfriend have returned safely to Korea after our performance in Thailand~
Thank you to the fans who waited for us at the airport. Because the flood was more serious than I thought it was, our hearts also hurt.
I hope we gave a bit of strength to help .^^
It was my first time going to Thailand, and I really like this dish Pad Thai; I even ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner .^^
On our last day of the performance, many people came to support and I was amazed when they sang along to our songs.
Thanks to our Bestfriends who worried about us, we’ve returned safely ^^
Even just going overseas for a little while, I thought a lot about our Korean fans.
Even though its disappointing we don’t have a performance today but !! we’ll meet and see you on Young Street and Starry Night .
We’ll make the radio performances fun too ~ㅎㅎㅎ
And ~ please look forward to our fansign event this weekend~

Source: Boyfriend Official Fan Cafe, Translation: boyfriend-translations on Tumblr

111028 Boyfriend at MBC Starry Night

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