Kwangmin’s Haircut

This was posted on Boyfriend’s Official Facebook today.

“[KwangMin] It’s been a while, everyone :) Ta-da! Do you like my new haircut? “Looking at me with your eyes, and your eyelashes steal my heart. (I’m) your man~♬” Look forward to Boyfriend’s new single! It’s coming soon!!!!!”

Kwangmin also tweeted this on Boyfriend’s twitter.

Original Tweet: [B.F:광민] 변신했습니다!!!! 어떤가요!?-.-? 나만 나만 바라보던 your eyes~속눈썹에 빠져버린 your man~! 보이프렌드 커밍쑨!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Facebook and Twitter


19 thoughts on “Kwangmin’s Haircut

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  2. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh omg he looks so good
    I loved his old hair but I don’t care he looks so hot
    And I think that now he stands out more because he has a new hair cut
    Kwangmin :)

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