110926 Hyunseong’s Cafe Messages

Everyone now I’m playing with you at the cafe
Please don’t try to tell me to leave now
I don’t know when I’ll back to the cafe~~ Ho
Anyone who wants to play with me write (the comment) fast fast~~ hehehehe
Ah I hear Minwoo and Jeongmin already did it
Everyone I’m not sure if I can answer it
but I really let you to ask directly
if nobody knows what to do, I’ll keep waiting….. hehehe
So write the comment really really fast hehehehehe

Hah everyone I want to play more with you
and I have to pratice too to give everyone more and more
I want to reply but I’m sorry, I’m going to sleep now….ㅜㅜ
We’ll surely play again later~~ Bye Bye
Which members could come soon??!!! hehehe

credits: fvna- @ BNATION! & Boyfriend’s Official Fan Cafe

Source: jotwins.tumblr.com


3 thoughts on “110926 Hyunseong’s Cafe Messages

    • Thanks ^^ sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. . . >.> I didn’t see until today on Boyfriend’s Facebook. Yes they are really handsome :D
      I should have posted it sooner. I’ve been busy lately.

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