Hyunseong Fancafe Message

English Translation:

Haha Hi everyone, Hyunseong here… It has been a while since I didn’t left a message here haha.
I’m still shy /feels awkward for me to left a message here… Had done so many promotion activities, yet still have little screening time.
Actually it’s not a big deal to mention it here though
Does anyone find me out !!
I’m fine (direct trans will be: I’m not dying yet)
I’m preparing hard to bring the best of me to everyone.
I’m fine so that I can concentrate on preparation.
Please kindly wait for us.
Then I will perform the best of me to everyone HaHaHa must must MUST wait for me.
So now we’ve made a promise, please believe in me.
I’m going for practice now PpyongPpyongPpyong~!!!
It has been a while we didn’t meet each other, everyone kindly wait for us~!!!!

Source: Boyfriend Daum Cafe

cr+trans: @BoyfriendWorld’s admin ~QL and  boyfriendworld.tumblr.com



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