Minwoo Twitter Update

Minwoo tweeted this on Boyfriend’s twitter earlier today.

[B.F:민우] ㅇㅅ ㅇ!오늘은 참 날씨가 좋은것같아요! 그죠?? 비오는줄알고 걱정했는데 다행~~!!너무 보고싶으니까 조금만 참고 기다려용!곧(?)만날게될거에요ㅎㅎ다들잘자구 오늘 꿈속에서 만나요~~http://lockerz.com/s/140417731


English Translation:

[B.F:MinWoo] ㅇㅅㅇ! Today the weather is so nice! Right?? I’m glad, it’s not going to rain. I miss you so wait for a little while, so will meet! Soon(?) Sweet dreams and let’s meet together in our dreams~~


[B.F:민우] 오늘은 ㅇㅇ때문에 밤을새야할것같아요..키커야되는데 ㅜㅅ ㅜ ㅋ하늘도이쁘고~ 조명때문에 벌레도많고 ~세트도이쁘고!!무엇때문일까요?꿈속스케줄이너무많아서?ㅎㅎㅎ모두들 아침까지 화이팅!http://lockerz.com/s/140422137

Translation: [B.F: Minwoo] Today.. we have to stay up all night.. Should be taller though (since staying up at late nite can make u grow taller) ㅜㅅ ㅜ ㅋ The sky is also pretty~ Because of light, there are many bugs too~ The set is also pretty!! Because of what? Because there are so much schedule in our dreams?ㅎㅎㅎ Till morning, fighting!

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Twitter

Translation: BoyfriendWorld’s admin EL & TL and stellia321 + raenxia @ Boyfriendindonesia


29 thoughts on “Minwoo Twitter Update

  1. raindropalicia can u talk korean or write , I have started to learn korean because my dream is to travel to South Korea , I really love South Korea and all the bands that are in South Korea. I really love thier drama and movies too :)

  2. oh really? alot of people don’t it T.T make me hurt it veryvery good luck that you (*_*) which member do you like? i like kwangmin but when i saw min at my country it make i love minwoo what do i do ? do you think i lie to you ? but i’m not alot of people dosen’t trust me T.T

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