The best rookie boy groups of 2011?

This is an article from allkpop. It mentions Boyfriend (although it doesn’t really say anything about them).

Although their sheer numbers don’t quite stack up to the enormous number of girl groups debuting in 2011, there were still a respectable number of boy groups that made their entrance onto the K-Pop scene this past year.

With groups such as B1A4, Block B, Boyfriend, and HITT, the battle to grasp the highest sales and public recognition has been just as hard-fought as their female colleagues.

In the case of Block B, who drew early attention for their involvement with Cho PD, they raised eyebrows with the higher-than-expected sales of their first mini album.  They also managed strong ticket sales for their first Japanese showcase, held just 4 months after their debut.

B1A4 and F.CUZ have also been branching out to overseas countries, holding promotions in Japan and Southeastern Asia.

With 2011 coming to a close and still more boy bands set to debut, the battle for the top is still underway, without an end in sight.

Source: Issue Daily

MountainMadman on Allkpop


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