110820 Boyfriend Star Call Translations

Translations Below (according to order in video above)


Hi~ Today is the last broadcast.
I’m really sorry*. But I am really thankful to those who came.
Do you know what this is?? This is poop… poop.
After all, we are going to have a fan-meeting in a short while.
So please wait a little while. Got it?
Bye~ see you soon~

*not really “sorry” but a feeling of apologetic.



Hello, I am Hyunseong.
This is my first time making a Star Call.
Unfortunately, today will be the first wrap-up promotions for ‘You and I’.
Look forward to our next album. You really must anticipate it.
Look forward to it everyone~ Ppyong~



Waiting room. Today we had our final broadcasting that finishes everything.
I like that a lot of our fans are cheering.
Ohh~ Um! We will have another album coming soon, everyone will look up on it?
Really, you have to anticipate it. Really!
Then look forward to it. Bye~



We were really excited and had fun hearing your cool cheers for our stage.
The last stage…ahh…it’s really sad that it’s already the last stage.
[Our] next 2nd album…2nd album, you can see an even better, talented and cooler image [of us].
Thank you, this has been Kwangmin.
Bye~ Ppyong~ Ppyong~



Hello? Did I surprise you? hehehehe ah~ I bet you fell for that.
I’m just joking, for once, as you can see. Sorry~
Ah~ We had our last broadcast, will you wait [for us]?
We’ll be back soon. Now, that’s not a surprise? hehehehe
Then I’ll meet you at the meeting later.
This goes to all the people at home as well
Bye~ Ppyong~



Yes, Hello. This is Youngmin.
Ohh~ Now, the 1st album promotion activities has ended.
Ohh~ I feel really sorry*…
Please anticipate for out 2nd album. We’ll work hard to give you a better image.
Thank you.

*not really “sorry” but a feeling of apologetic.

video source: BBSW11 on Youtube
Credits: icontoamy.wordpress.com, SelA | minwooya


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