Some Information about Junyoung Choi (DieDi Liu)

If you are curios about Junyoung Choi, here is some information. His name is actually DieDi Liu (so he is Chinese or Taiwanese)

“T&G model Diedi Liu, is confirmed to be debuting under M&D ent. He will officially debut in Korea and China respectively on 5th Feb 2012 and 16 April 2012, by releasing his first mini album “First Empire”, which consists of 4 brand new songs. Other details of his debut are not confirmed yet and would be announced on a later date. Thank you.”

Here is his Twitter!/Diedi9310

Here is his Facebook page for more information

DieDi is in this video

They are saying he is definitely not a girl.

Choi Junyoung was rumoured to join Boyfriend but it has now all been confirmed as false.



7 thoughts on “Some Information about Junyoung Choi (DieDi Liu)

  1. this is the first band or boygroup ive seen where they all have blond hair and one has black…the other groups usally have one blond and the rest dark coulors…,, :) but not all the time sometimes they have different ..
    umm anyway so he was joined into another group they look really young and cute >.< whats the band called???

    • I’ve just read some information. I don’t think that is his band so I think he is going to be solo. The people in the video are all models for T&G and they are all girls (tomboys) except for DieDi apparently.
      but yea you’re right, band’s usually have more members with darker coloured hair :P

    • That is not a band xD thats a group!

      Its T& G ,, T& G Means Tom girl except diedi,,diedi act like a girl because he is only boy on the group!

      because Other are TOMBOYS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Yeah, DieDi Liu WAS in the group of Tomboys, being the only boy in the group. They are not a girl BAND, they are a group. All are girls besides the one on the top middle, which is DieDi. And he was rumored to be a member in Boyfriend, but his Korean isn’t great yet.
    And he is from Taiwan. Not China. ^^;

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