110902 English Translations for Boyfriend’s 100 day Messages to Best Friend

English Translations


Keep reading the letter, feels like wanna write one too.

Boyfriend’s debuted 100days already!

I still remember at the 1st time on stage and 1st time for the fan-meeting! I’ll keep smiling when remembering all the memories~ Although there’s tiredness, but when we could be with Bestfriends, it doesn’t matter anymore~ So thankful to you all till we couldn’t express in words~

Thank you so much, everyone!!!

Boyfriend will bring an awesome image~ For the sake of bestfriend’s smile, we will work hard for it! 100days, 1000days, 10000days~ I hope we can go through these days together~ We will keep the passion since debuted in mind, as well as enjoying it!

when doing activities~ Kindly patient wait for our comeback~


Hi everyone! Boyfriend has been debuted for 100days!!! Yeah, congrats! *clap clap*

The time has just passed so quickly, all the things happened were just like yesterday. It has already been 100days, hehe.. It was awkward and amazing at first, now I’m slowly adapted to it(enjoying it), everyone should be enjoying it with us(Boyfriend) ~Hehe~

There are many things I want to express yet the ideas are gone when I want to note it down.. T.T Hehe… and it’s my first time to do an heart-shape(?) *pose* HAHA.. It’s still awkward for me, do you guys tired for having such imperfect me? There are still many things imperfect in us(Boyfriend), but we will grow up and show the best of us!

So please continue and watch us! We need your supports and promises to go through it all with us, we will be like this forever..2011.9.2. Boyfriend 100days of debut.


Kwangmin To Bestfriends: Hello to every Bestfriends??? I’m Kwangmin!!!

It feels like we debuted yesterday.. it has been already 100 days?? *her…. time passed very quickly..

And thanks to all for been supporting us for the past 100days.. the worries and loves to us in these 100days… it’s just passing like that. There’s cheerful, tiredness, sadness, happiness and blissful things. But everytime thinking of every bestfriend’s tiredness & sadness, we’re trying our best to survive The100days is just like water which supply us and Bestfriend during the journey! The journey’s getting tougher in the future..!!!

We’ll bring the second comeback album. We need to learn a lot, but I will be a warrior (need to be brave) because of Boyfriend and Bestfriends so I wont be afraid^^ HH~ Although I still have much things to learn, but I’ll always be working hard as the important rapper Of Boyfriend for Bestfriends.

Before that, please take care of me and Boyfriend. The second album, third, fourth… Please support & take care of us! Thanks to our Boyfriend’s HERO (Bestfriends) always.



Hi everyone! To every Bestfriends!! I’m Minwoo of Boyfriend~! hehehe Ah!

Thought that we will meet on 100days T人T It’s so bad about it But I’m really 100x thanks to everyone for your supports!! *bless*

Debuted 100days… It feels so unreal.. hehehe… MinWoo’s letter For Bestfriends who give us Boyfriend a lots of care and love

And during You&I promotion period! We wont be there as Boyfriend if it’s not you, Bestfriends! Hah.. really thankful to all along about 3 months time! No matter it’s 3 years or 30 years, Bestfriends will keep loving us right?? ♥ ne? ne? must! promise! hehehe~

Then I’m believing in Bestfriends! So please be patient waiting for us before our comeback! oh >.< Will bring a greater new-looking than the first album. We will work hard for it, please look forward to it!! Will come back soon! Couldn’t use words to express all my mind right?? is it?? Will miss u guys!!! ♡ PPYONG~

Boyfriend ♡ Bestfriends !!



Yo Bestfriends! Hello everyone! I’m Boyfriend’s Jeongminnie!!! *he called himself as Jeongminnie*

We have been debuted for 100days!!! *zangzangzang* There are lots of things happened during these 100days, it’s interesting! We’ve always been together with every Bestfriends. oh! How should I express my feelings to thank you all guys? Keep thinking about it…

finally I’ve decided to write a letter(to Bestfriends)! Although we’re still not perfect, we’re trying to get close to the perfection so we’re working hard for Bestfriends! I couldn’t express my mind and heart but it’s like usual, been blissful and thankful to Bestfriends, you know right?

Someday!!! I will repay your kindness, please look forward to it! ^^ Haha!!

So for the next 2years, 3, 100, 1000, 10000000 years, we will be together forever!!



Youngmin’s message has to be the cutest. Don’t you agree?

1.Hi everyone, I’m Youngmin.

2.We, Boyfriend, debuted…

3.100 days ago!!!*clap clap*

4.Thanks to everyone…

5.But we couldn’t spend time with you all *tears*. It’s so sad…

6.Anyway, I’m still happy…We will bring a new look, wait for our comeback!

7.I believe in you, guys.

8.So, let’s see later (comeback) Byebye!

9.Many things happened in 100days!!! We ‘ve gone through 100days and will go through 150, 200days! We’ll keep going on!!!!

Picture Source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe 
Translations: MINi_BF95line中文网 on Weibo, Heo on Weibo, ~QL KwangAnn on Weibo, Kwangmineunki
pic+editor: ~TL Pikachu1316特莎 on Weibo
source: http://weibo.com/2362472824http://boyfriendworld.co.cc | @BoyfriendWorld on Twitter, youngmin-biased.tumblr.com


7 thoughts on “110902 English Translations for Boyfriend’s 100 day Messages to Best Friend

  1. awww (♥u♥)
    BoyFriend’s messages are all so cute and sweet ♥♥♥♥♥♥
    YoungMin’s message was adorable (looks like manhwa LOL)

  2. i just read this for the first time TODAY (i can’t believe I didn’t see this T.T)
    anyway, these messages are sooo cute and touching (touched my heart)
    the ones that looked like they showed the most creativity and uniqueness (which i like since it’s just the way i do things ^^) are hyunseong oppa’s and youngmin oppa’s

    Go oppas! if they read these again, they now know how much they have grown ^^!!!

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