110929 Boyfriend Allkpop Article + Youngmin Tweet Translation

Boyfriend reveals cover for “Don’t Touch My Girl”

Idol group Boyfriend has just revealed the album cover for their second single, ‘Don’t Touch My Girl‘  through their official Facebook and Twitter.

The boys showcase a more masculine charisma for this single, as seen by their strong gazes and short hairstyles. The red designs on the cover heighten the sense of aggression felt by their title alone.

In addition to their song ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’, the boys will also release ‘Warning‘. Boyfriend will drop their second single on October 6th.

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Source: TV Daily via Nate

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Here is the original Tweet from Boyfriend’s Twitter: [B.F:영민]영민이입니다. 컴백까지 7일남았네요 내 여자 손대지마 티져보셨나요? 보이프렌드의 변신…정열적인(?)화보^^입니다 컴백 기대해주세요

English Translation: This is Youngmin. 7 days left until our comeback. Have you guys seen the teaser for “Don’t touch my girl’? Boyfriend’s transformation… Passion(?) image^^ Please look forward to our comeback

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Who’s the girl starring in Boyfriend’s “Don’t Touch My Girl” MV?

A few days ago, idol group Boyfriend unveiled their MV teaser for their comeback track, “Don’t Touch My Girl. The teaser saw the boys surrounding a beautiful girl, whose wavy hair, enigmatic gaze, and slender figure immediately ensnared everyone’s attention.

Netizens discovered that this young girl was none other than actress Lee Se Young of ‘Dae Jang Geum‘ fame. Lee Se Young had played the younger version of ‘Choi Geum Young’ (played by Hong Ri Na), whose performance captivated the audience. She went on to act in a variety of different dramas and movies, and was recently accepted to Sungshin Women’s University.

Netizens commented, “I knew I saw her somewhere“, “I’m envious of all the love she’s receiving from the members“, and “She grew up to be really pretty“.


Meanwhile, Boyfriend will release their single on October 6th.

Source: Star Today via Naver

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[110927] Kwangmin Cafe Message

Hello this is Kwangmin
I’m 95-liner…… kekekekekeke
Did you see my picture??
!!!I’m hungryㅜㅜ

Also I read that Youngmin and Kwangmin actually like having the same hair but Starship made them have different hair. Maybe they will have the same hair later because by then fans would be able to tell them apart right? ^^

Source: fvna- @ BNATION, iloveboyfriendband.wordpress.com

110926-27 Boyfriend Allkpop Articles

Boyfriend’s Kwangmin shows off his new haircut for upcoming comeback


Boyfriend‘s Kwangmin showed off a new hairstyle, further hyping fans for the male group’s impending comeback.

On September 27th, the photo above was posted through Boyfriend’s official Twitter with the comment, “He changed! How? Only look at me me~and your eyelashes fall to your man~! Boyfriend coming soon!

Fans replied with, “Only by cutting your hair, you look like a man” and “The male god appears.

Boyfriend is busy preparing for their second single, so stay tuned for more on the group’s return!

Source: Newsen via Nate


Boyfriend reveals teaser for “Don’t touch my girl”

Boyfriend plans to add some testosterone in the midst of a frenzy of girl group comebacks.

The boys of Boyfriend have been working diligently on their impending comeback. The only info we had thus far was via a twitter post by member Kwangmin but now we have some more info and a teaser was also uploaded to Starship Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel!

Boyfriend’s 2nd single album will be titled “Don’t Touch My Girl” and contains 5 track in total:

01. You’re my lady
02. 내 여자 손대지마 (Don’t touch my girl)
03. 점점점 (Jum Jum Jum / Little by Little)
04. 내 여자 손대지마 Inst.
05. 점점점 Inst.

Additionally, the second single album is slated for release on October 6th and was produced by hit making duo, Sweetune. As we patiently wait for the release, check out the teaser for “Don’t Touch My Girl” below!

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Boyfriend Comeback Teaser MV!

Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. This was posted on Boyfriend’s Official Facebook yesterday.

Boyfriend unveils an official comeback MV teaser for ‘Don’t touch my girl’, their 2nd single!! Check out the video teaser starring all Boyfriend’s memebers. The boys will make their comeback on 6th Oct, so stay tuned!

The teaser was uploaded on Youtube yesterday and already has 99,955 views. Jeongmin has blonde hair now! Looks sad doesn’t it? It’s completely different for “Boyfriend”

보이프렌드(BoyFriend) 2nd Single
내 여자 손대지마(Don’t touch my girl) Teaser 티저 영상

Album Title : BoyFriend 2nd Single _Don’t touch my girl
Title Song : 내 여자 손대지마 (Don’t touch my girl)
Produced by Sweetune
Artist : BoyFriend 보이프렌드

Track List
01. You’re my lady
02. 내 여자 손대지마 (Don’t touch my girl)
03. 점점점
04. 내 여자 손대지마 Inst.
05. 점점점 Inst.

This was also tweeted on Boyfriend’s Twitter.

Original Tweet: [B.F:동현] 우리 기다리고 응원해준 고마운 베프여러분드을!!드디어 2번째 싱글 내여자손대지마 티저가 공개되었어요 분위기가 많이 바뀌었죠??정말 열심히 준비했으니까 응원많이해주세요^ㅜ^컴백 기대해주세용 빠빠!!

110926 Hyunseong’s Cafe Messages

Everyone now I’m playing with you at the cafe
Please don’t try to tell me to leave now
I don’t know when I’ll back to the cafe~~ Ho
Anyone who wants to play with me write (the comment) fast fast~~ hehehehe
Ah I hear Minwoo and Jeongmin already did it
Everyone I’m not sure if I can answer it
but I really let you to ask directly
if nobody knows what to do, I’ll keep waiting….. hehehe
So write the comment really really fast hehehehehe

Hah everyone I want to play more with you
and I have to pratice too to give everyone more and more
I want to reply but I’m sorry, I’m going to sleep now….ㅜㅜ
We’ll surely play again later~~ Bye Bye
Which members could come soon??!!! hehehe

credits: fvna- @ BNATION! & Boyfriend’s Official Fan Cafe

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Boyfriend’s Ideal Type

This is apparently Jeongmin, Minwoo, Youngmin and Kwangmin’s ideal type of girl. I can’t say if it’s completely true.

Appearance: Cute, big eyes, and short hair.
Age Limit: Younger by a year

Appearance: Pretty & cute .
Age Limit: Older than him. (Noona)

Appearance: Long hair & long/beautiful eye lashes
Age Limit: One or two years younger

Appearance: Big Eyes.Short Hair.Cute.
Age Limit: One year younger

Source: jotwins.tumblr.com