110827 Boyfriend at Chuseok Idol Star Athletics Championships

Taken from Allkpop:

On August 27th, MBC’s third ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ kicked off at the Jamshil Stadium amidst the roar of 10,000 fans.

Hundreds of idols gathered to compete against one another in numerous athletic activities. The program was led by anchorman Oh Sang Jin, Kim Je Dong, Yoon Yeo Choon, and Boom. The opening event began with Mighty Mouth’s Shorry, who parodied the ‘hoop boy’ from the ‘88 Seoul Olympics; this was then followed by Boom Academy’s parody of Stevie Wonder.

The male 100m preliminary race was the first athletics event of the day. 10,000 fans roared in support of Super JuniorINFINITE, Dalmatian, B1A4, ZE:A, Mighty Mouth, MBLAQ, SHINee, TEEN TOP, Hwanhee, gagman Kim Kyung JinDavid Oh, Baek Chung Gang and many others.


The event will be aired around Chuseok. This year Chuseok is on September 12th. I read the event will air on September 13th and I’m guessing it will be on MBC since it’s “MBC’s third ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships'”

Chuseok is a major 3 day harvest festival  and holiday in Korea. It is celebrated August 15th in the Lunar calendar. It’s huge, important holiday in Korea. On that day, Korean families gather together to make and eat songpyeon (rice cake), have big parties, drink rice wine, and play traditional games. They wear Hanbok (traditional custom). Lots of celebrities have photoshoots wearing Hanbok so maybe Boyfriend will do that too. In Korea, Chuseok is the day for people to show their respect to their ancestors, grandparents and parents. Hopefully Boyfriend will be able to visit their families during this holiday. Many Asian countries also celebrate this holiday. In China it is called Mid Autumn festival and they eat Moon Cakes.
This actually includes all the pictures from the earlier post of pictures because I didn’t know which ones I shared already. Sorry :/
This photo is really cute. Minwoo has cute hair ^^ Lucky fan who took this . . .
They have flags with their faces on them.
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