110823 Jeongmin Daum Cafe Message














[From. Jeongmin♡] I have a true confession .. corrected*

Let’s clear up the past !

You know… In fact, I had a person that I like…
It was in my high school…

What to do…
It’s hard to had a crush.. I can’t confess to her
I wasn’t too crazy ~ I always saw her when practicing and she was gone ..

So I forget about her and continue practicing
But a few months ago she appeared in front of me again !!

Ahyu** .. so I confess to her and ask her to stay by my side!

That… girl name suddenly I forgot about it…..

*he corrected the title….i guess.
**sound of sighing

Source: Boyfriend Official Fancafe
Translated by: fvna- @ BNATION!
Found on: icontoamy.wordpress.com


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