Mnet’s 2011 MAMA to be held in Singapore?

The 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) was held overseas for the first time in its history at the Cotai Arena, Venetian Hotel in Macau. Now, there’s rumors that the 2011 Show will be in Singapore!

The rumor stems from an excerpt in a Singapore newspaper stating that 2011 MAMA will be staged at the Indoor Stadium in Singapore on November 29th. Asides from the top K-pop stars, the excerpt also states that you should expect performances and presentations from Taiwanese, Japanese, Singaporean acts along with Korean drama artists.

Once more information arises, we’ll be sure to keep you informed!

Boyfriend will be at the event.

Source:  at allkpop, Prince Minwoo☺



110830 Starship Confirmation

Starship Entertainment confirms that Choi Junyoung is not under Starship Entertainment and all of the “Solo debut” and “Joining Boyfriend” are all lies.

Visit B-Nation for more information. You have to be a member to see the information.

Source: shakkun@B-Nation

110809 Youngmin UFO Replies + 110711 Youngmin Daum Cafe Entry

Here is a message from Youngmin on Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe. It’s an older entry from July 7th

[From. YoungMin♡] Would you go out with Youngmin??

Hello this is Youngmin~~
Today, it is flooding with rain
Be careful of the rainy season that starts to clear up
Despite the bad weather lately, we
The pre-recording, thank you so much for coming to see the broadcast
The cheers were really loud, our fans are jjang*~~~
Us members each have our own work [to do]
Should I tell??
Well~~ Minwoo and Kwangminnie have rap practice
Donghyunnie hyung with Hyuseongie hyung [go] exercise
Jeongminnie hyung is signing
I…. only moved my fingers (pressing the keyboard)
Today is the day a lot of rain came(Stay away from my hair)
Until then bye~~

I have a last question
Rate my charisma?? Example)00/100
Reply afterwards

* ‘Jjang’ means the best.

Source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe, Boyfriend’s UFO Town via bf95linecn, as tagged,
Translations:, shakkun @ B-Nation

Youngmin and Kwangmin All My Love Cut (Episode 199)

This video was uploaded August 29th


YM: Give me my phone!

KM: Give me back my phone!

Lizzy: You guys have fallen for me so you want my picture, right?

YM: It’s not like that!

Lizzy: Yah, Even if you lie I know you’ve fallen for me. I’ll take pictures for you. ‘If I act like this Okyup oppa willl give up on me, right?’

KM: Who said I wanted noona’s pictures?!

YM: That’s right, such a weird noona!

Lizzy: Even if you guys say that I know that you guys like me!~


110830 The Rumour has been Cleared!

Original Tweets from Choi Junyoung:
I didn’t say I’m a Boyfriend new member, I’m just a Trainee. About manager nae? I have no idea cause she didn’t get followed By starship?
I’ve confirmed I’m not boyfriend new member and why did you guys blame me without any proof did I say I’m their new member?
I’m sorry nae, but that was rude to frame me something which I did not say nae, i didn’t even say I’m CONFIRMED to be their new member
I’m not under starship anymore so please nae. impossible for a trainee from under other agency joining, boyfriend. Please stop spread rumor
I’m not Boyfriend new member nae. And I confirm it myself

Original Tweet from Boyfriend’s manager: 

Translation: You’re going to debut under Starship?? Have you ever come to the office??? How dare you to lie!!!!!!!!!!

If you go to the manager’s twitter, you can’t find that tweet anymore. I don’t know why, maybe she deleted it.

What do you think about this response?

Source: manager_J twitter and JungieLiu  Twitter,

Translations: fvna-@B-nation!

110830 Kwangmin, Jeongmin and Minwoo Twitter Update

Boyfriend is in China from August 29th to August 31st to record a show. Kwangmin’s tweet is the most recent tweet, then Jeongmin and Minwoo.

Original Tweet: [B.F:광민] 팬 여러분 제가 중국에왔어요 장사라는 곳이에요 촬영열심히잘하고가겠습니다 중국이니까 팬더쌍절곤 아자~ 뿅!ㅎ

Translation: [B.F: Kwangmin] Fans, I’m finally in China where we will perform. We’ll work hard at our shoot and we will return since it’s China panda nanchakus~ Ppyong!

Here is another translation which is a bit different. . .

[B.F:Kwangmin] Fans and everyone, I’m in China in a place called Changsa[.] We’ll work hard for the recording and do well[.] China’s panda nunchaku aja*~ Ppyong!he

Note: “Aja” means something like “let’s go”. It’s an expression for giving a boost or giving energy.

Original Tweet: [B.F:정민] 중국에 왔어요! 방송국에 도착했는데!!우와…. 대기실 참 크네요….@.@즐겁게 촬영하고가겠습니다~~~하하v

Translation: We come to China! Arrived on the broadcasting station!! Wow…. It has a big waiting room….@.@We’ll enjoy this~~~hahav

Another translation: B.F:Jeongmin] Arrived in China! Arrived at the broadcasting station!!Wow…. The waiting room is really big….@.@We will film happily~~~hahav

Original Tweet: [B.F:민우] ㅇㅅ ㅇ!!지금은 호텔에서 방송 준비중이에요 중국은 처음인데 공항에 팬분들이 많이 반겨주셔서 정말깜짝놀랐어요!!!너무감사드려요 말은 이해못해두 너무좋구 재미있어요~감사합니다!!!

Translation: [B.F: Minwoo] ㅇㅅ ㅇ!!Now I’m ready to broadcast from the hotel. The first we go to China and having a lot fans come at the airport, really surprising!!! Thank you a lot ㅎ I liked it a whole lot, It’s fun~ Thank you!!!

Another Translation: [B.F:Minwoo] ㅇㅅ ㅇ!!Right now, I’m in the hotel getting ready for broadcasting[.] First time arriving at the China airport, I was really surprised that there were a lot of fans!!!Thank you so much[.] I cant put it into words, it’s too good and fun~Thank you!!!

Source: Boyfriend Official Twitter

Translation:,  fvna- @ BNATION!,