Jeongmin with Straight or Curly hair?

Hello ^^ Today is the last day of July.

Here is a question for all of you. Do you like Jeongmin with straight hair or curly/wavy hair better?


Minwoo Wiping Sweat

I saw this and thought it was funny.

Even in a picture from Inkigayo magazine that I posted recently.


Youngmin is tired?

When Boyfriend was on Chin Chin Radio, Youngmin said that it’s so hard being a celebrity and he misses school a lot. He also said that he really wanted to be a celebrity but didn’t realize it was this difficult to be one.  He sounded  really tired and unhappy when he said that.

He should get some rest. Being a celebrity is hard and lots of work. Maybe the other members and all of us fans can help him and make him feel better ^^ Boyfriend is really popular right now so that might be a lot of pressure and they have so many events and performances as well. Let’s all support Youngmin! Hopefully time will make it better and he can adjust :) It is probably especially hard for Youngmin and Kwangmin since they have a busier schedule with other events that the rest of Boyfriend doesn’t go to. There were also fan taken pictures of Kwangmin where he looked tired.

Also, I read that Minwoo has the best English in Boyfriend. They’re not fluent so all the members are currently learning English. ^^

Fan Taken Pictures from Fan Signing Event

Here are some fan taken pictures of Boyfriend at their fan signing event from the 23rd. There were already a lot of pictures and now there are more . . .


Boyfriend scans from Maylasian Magazine and Newspaper

Boyfriend was in the August 2011 issue of a Malaysian magazine called “Epop”  There was also an article about Boyfriend in a Malaysian newspaper called “Pancaindera.”

Source: ImIntoKwangmin and kademinchul


Fan Taken Pictures of Boyfriend

Here are some recent fan taken pictures of Boyfriend going to or leaving a beauty salon. Kwangmin looks tired. He has dark circles under his eyes. I think Minwoo’s hat is Boston Red Sox. I searched it ^^

Source: as tagged

Boyfriend in Inkigayo Magazine

Boyfriend was in Inkigayo Magazine. There are lots of awesome pictures!

Source: fishieomgfishie