Boyfriend Felt Awkward with their Name at First

Rookie group Boyfriend has been capturing the hearts of schoolgirls everywhere with their boyish charms and good looks. Especially capturing the hearts are ‘Kim Hyunjoong twins’ Youngmin and Kwangmin, ‘Yoo Seungho’s doppelganger’ Jeonngmin, and ‘K-Will’s smiley boy back-up dancer’ Minwoo, the group has been stirring commotions on online forums since their debut.

In response to such attention the members said with a smile, “It’s a pleasant nickname, ‘pet-idols.’ Boyfriend can be trained without a problem. However, at the same time the name can be a little burdensome because it seems like we’re getting more attention for our visuals than for our talents.”

They also explained that they felt awkward with the name ‘Boyfriend’ before their debut. The boys said that they had goosebumps and shivers when Starship Entertainment first revealed the group name. However, they soon realized that it was actually a pretty catchy name with a good meaning and in the end they agreed.

Their title track “Boyfriend” was produced by Brave Brothers, famous for his works with singers such as Son Dambi, After School, Big Bang, Sistar, and others. The song has a unique rhythm and an addictive chorus, all of which helps emphasize the group’s vocal talents. The track itself in conjunction with its corresponding ‘Aegyo (cute) dance’ has garnered much popularity for the group.

Although the performances seem to be a little more than simply cute, the boys revealed that they actually ended up short of breath after each stage. Leader Donghyun explained, “With the exception of the chorus, the choreography is very difficult because it is broken up to fit different beats. Dancing and singing to the song simultaneously was really hard for us, especially at first. Now that we’re becoming a little more accustomed to the stage it isn’t as bad. We’re beginning to enjoy our performances more and more, especially when we notice the crowd’s faces.”

Their official debut was only a month ago but the group is also receiving love-calls from overseas and even had a notable amount of international fans attend their first fan signing. Boyfriend said, “We’re planning to give everything we have in Korea before we start anything overseas. Our goal is definitely to receive the best rookie award this year.”

Boyfriend has been busy working on their next album since their successful debut and plans to show fans a new side of themselves apart from the powerful dancing that they were doing before, so make sure to keep an eye on these super rookies.

Source & Photo: Sports Chosun
Credits: KS at Allkpop


Minwoo Pre-Debut Pictures

These are pictures of Minwoo when he was little in a drama called “Drama City”

Here is also a picture of Kwangmin.

The 4th episode of M!Pick is almost completely subbed on Youtube so I will be posting the links soon.

Fan Taken Pictures from June 26th

Here are some fantaken pictures of Boyfriend at their fan signing event on June 26th.

Source: Boy Friend (Starship Boys)

Donghyun Pre-debut

This a cut of Donghyun before he debuted on “Star Golden Bell.” Yesung from Super Junior is also in the video. There are no English subs though.

Here are some pre-debut pictures of him too.

Youngmin and Kwangmin wearing “Soldout Factory”

Kwangmin and Youngmin were endorsing “Soldout Factory.”  They wore that in “All My Love”. The one with the hat is Youngmin and the one with the cast is Kwangmin. His cast is signed. I think these pictures are from last month.

Source: | imzee

Happy Together Cut

This is another cut of Youngmin and Kwangmin from the episode of Happy Together on June 23rd.There are English subs.

Here are some screenshots of Youngmin and Kwangmin from that episode too.

Source for photos: Boy Friend (Starship Boys)

Fan Taken Photos of Boyfriend at K.Will’s Concert

Here are some fan taken pictures of Boyfriend at K.Will’s concert. As you may know, Boyfriend went to watch K.Will’s (their senior and label mate at  Starship Entertaiment) concert.

Source: Photos from Boy Friend (Starship Boys)

Are Youngmin and Kwangmin Kim Hyun Joong look-alikes?

Youngmin (Present) – Kim Hyun Joong (2005)

I copied this directly from allkpop again.

SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong finally met up with the twins of rookie group Boyfriend, Youngmin and Kwangmin, who have been headlining for some time now for their striking resemblance to him.

Youngmin said, “We recently recorded a show with senior Kim Hyun Joong. He told us, ‘It’s as if I’m looking at a younger version of myself.’ It was really an honor.”

The twins have been known for being ‘little Kim Hyun Joongs’, especially after starring in SBS’s ‘Truth Game‘ as children. Fans of both groups have been sharing comparison pictures of the three and remarking over the emergence of another doppelganger.

What do you think?

Kwangmin (Present) – Kim Hyun Joong (2005)

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

Credits: Vitalsign at Allkpop