Push Push

Kwangmin, Youngmin and Donghyun were featured in Sistar’s Push Push MV from August 2010.

SISTAR is their label mate.


Noh Min woo

Member Profile

The first member of Boy Friend, Noh Min woo was unveiled through K-will’s music video for “I Can’t Find the Words” on March 1oth

Here is the MV 

The MV also has Lee Joon from MBLAQ and IU in it.

Minwoo is also an actor.

TV Shows

  • Amnok River Flows (SBS, 2008)
  • Wife and Woman (KBS2, 2008)
  • Ghost Pang Pang (SBS,2007)
  • My Sweetheart My Darling (KBS1, 2005)
  • Eleventh Mom (2007)
  • Mother (2007)
Noh min woo who played the teenage version of the main character, Lee Mi Reuk, in Amnok River Flows (Yalu River Flows)

Noh min woo who played the teenage version of the main character, Lee Mi Reuk, in Amnok River Flows (Yalu River Flows)

His birthday is  July 31 1995

Min woo starred in MBC’s All My Love along with Youngmin and Kwangmin 

Min woo and the Jo twins

Here are some other pictures of Min Woo ^_^ Enjoy!

Little Min woo

Jo Twins (Youngmin and Kwangmin)

Member Profile

First, we will have a profile for the twins.

They were revealed by Starship Entertainment on March 23rd when the label shared a photo of the two identical twin brothers. Their names are Jo Youngmin and Jo Kwangmin. 

They apparently have anime-like looks and look like Kim Hyun Joong. What do you think? The ‘pretty boy’ twins have already caught the attention of music fans!

Their birthday is April 24, 1995 (please tell me if I am wrong) which is this coming Sunday.

I would just like to share with you that we have a few things in common with them. We are both twins and we were both born in April 1995! :)

Here’s a slideshow with some pictures of them

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Their hair is completely alike in the picture at the top of this post but Youngmin died his hair an orange colour.

New Korean Boy Band Boyfriend

Hello ^___^ ~!!

Welcome to our website! This is a fansite for the new Korean boy band “Boy Friend” who are under the management of Starship Entertainment (the agency behind K. Will and SISTAR). They will be debuting at the end of this month with 6 members. Please give lots of love and support to them!

Check back for updates!


Hello world!

Just a little information about us. The authors of this fansite. We have a special interest in this upcoming boy band because of the twin members since we are also twins! We are from Canada. We love Kpop and Mandopop among other things . . .

Please visit our site often :)

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